[News] Shinhwa, the continuation of legend in 2013

[News] Shinhwa, the continuation of legend in 2013.


First Christmas with Shinhwa


This is my first Christmas with Shinhwa, so it means a lot to me. The year may have been a bit rough on me, but one sure thing that I’m very thankful to God is he gave me Shinhwa, especially that ever precious Singapore concert. I owe it all to HIM. 

I wish and hope I’d be granted this special gift to see them again this year, and hopefully Hyesung’s solo concert too.

I hope my wishes for completing Simbang Gabi will be granted.

Earlier at 4am when I turned the TV on, I saw Shinhwa on Beatles Code again! :)) I was feeling drowsy but when I saw them on TV, I felt more awake. It was the 3rd time, guess it must mean something… Keke 😀

Laundry and Dishes on Christmas Eve

What a day. Today was laundry day and dish wash day. Had to do loads of laundry with a bad cold, cough and headache. And had to do non-stop dishes.

But I have to congratulate myself for completing Simbang Gabi for the first time. 😀 8 anticipated mass and 1 dawn mass earlier. I even managed to wake up at 3:30am earlier when I went to bed at 12:30am. :))


laundry2 (1)

Rurouni Kenshin: The Second Time


It was a race against time earlier. Luckily I was able to get to the Digital Theater Cinema 10 just in time for the 4:40 screening.  Being the Rurouni Kenshin big fan that I am, I went to see the movie again earlier at SM City North Edsa again on my own :)))

I’m still very much in awe even watching it for the second time. I felt like I didn’t wanna leave anymore. I was the last person to leave the cinema and when I went to the restroom, people started coming in already for the next showtime. So I was tempted to go back, no one would notice anyway if I went back and just choose another seat. Haha! I was torn between staying and leaving, but then I had to leave because I needed to attend the anticipated mass.

I only watch a movie twice if it’s so special to me. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 and Suddenly It’s Magic are the other two movies I watched twice.

I just had to see the movie especially Sato Takeru in action at the big screen as Himura Kenshin again before the MMFF starts :)) It really takes away my worries even for just 2 hours 10mins. That totally great feeling of not thinking of so many things, of anything else and just be fully immersed in the movie.

Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai X, Totally love it

Just watched the last full show of Rurouni Kenshin few hours ago at SM Manila alone and enjoyed it a whole lot! ^^ It was brutal but that’s how it’s supposed to be.

rurouni-kenshin-movie-poster (1)

I remember seeing its trailer late last year and I told myself, it must be real good. I actually didn’t expect it to be screened here at all, so I’m really glad that fans made a petition to have it screened here and SM Cinema made that possible. :))

I didn’t think that Kenshin has thousands of fans here. I was amazed when I saw people lining up at Cinema 1 earlier and a friend who told me how a lot of people went to watch. Well I guess that goes to say that a lot grew up watching the anime series and I was one of them, though it’s violent. I remember watching the Tagalog dubbed on Ch2 in high school and college, but I never really got to finish the whole series and because Ch2 didn’t really finish it too. I think I should really finish watching the series. I got to watch the OVA, which tells Kenshin’s story as Battousai and how he got the scars and the scene with Tomoe made me cry. It was depressing really.

I really love the movie. It’s perfectly amazing. Really well made. Probably the best live action film based from a manga/anime to be ever made. Great cast and wonderful acting. Wonderfully executed and well choreographed sword-fight scenes, especially Kenshin’s. The lightning speed was excellent. Just exactly the way I imagined them to be. It actually exceeded my expectations because I’ve been hearing that it’s really good.

Takeru Sato was a great choice for the role of Kenshin. He has Kenshin’s innocent looks when he’s his normal self and the aura/expressions of the cold-blooded alter ego. I think I already like him. I like his smile. ^^ I really like Emi Takei too as Kaoru. She perfectly has that cuteness and childlike attitude of Kaoru. She has a resemblance to Kathryn Bernardo by the way, though she’s prettier. I also like Yu Aoi as Megumi, she is beautiful and she’s every part Megumi. As for Sanosuke and Saito, at first I thought they should have gotten taller and leaner actors to portray them. But then, they both proved me wrong. Despite of this expectation of mine, they both portrayed their parts well, the actions and expressions were exactly that of the series.

Oh and I specifically love the cinematography. It was beautiful, I love the colors of every part of it. They were able to capture the perfect colors for every scene. There are many scenes that I like. The one when he got his first scar from Tomoe’s fiancee, this was one of the most important for me and totally love the presence of cherry blossoms. Though it would have been better if they had included some parts of Tomoe, because that would explain how he got the other scar and some parts of what role Tomoe played in Kenshin’s life. I also like Kenshin and Sano’s fight scene, this was a bit funny. The one when he first met Kaoru, I love his innocent expression here. Also when he saved Kaoru and the dojo from the thugs, love the moves, flawless. And the part when he jumped to save Kaoru from Jin-e with matching smile. ^^ The fight scene with Gein and outside Takeda’s house.  And of course, the battle with Jin-e when he finally recovered his assassin alter ego. And I also like the part of him talking to Megumi. Somehow they share the same troubles, her for creating opium and him for being Battousai.

On a last note, I have to say it was hanging or in Tagalog “bitin.” Kakainis!!! It was 2 hours and 10 mins pero bitin pa rin!!! God, I want more! Please make sequels with an “s ” because one is simply not enough. There’s much more to the story. I also didn’t like how they translated the names of sword fighting styles such as Kendo into fencing. It’s way too different to be fencing. I wish they didn’t translate the names of the sword-fighting techniques as well. I prefer them to be named in Japanese. They changed some parts of the story, such as how Megumi got to the dojo. In the series, it was because Kenshin and Sano helped her at the gambling house and took her home with them. Nevertheless, it was all real good. It would have been nice too if they added a bit of how he became Battousai. I mean when he was taken in and trained by his master.

It’s really worthy of watching again. Napapatulala na nga lang ako kanina sa mga scenes, galing! Seryosong seryoso ang audience eh at some points me comedy rin. Totally 10/10 stars!