Hello Everyone. We are Shinhwa.

We promise to show you a newer side of ourselves in the new year.

Please continue giving many many love and support for Shinhwa Broadcast~

Everyone, Happy New Year.


A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR ADORKABLES!!! You guys are always in my prayers.

Cheers to a great, healthy and blessed 2013 for Shinhwa and the members solo activities! Fighting Shinhwa and Shinhwa Broadcast!!! Mansae!!!

All the best for Shinhwa for the celebration of their 15th year anniversary!!! God bless!



For the first time wala si Minbong sa gitna. RicDy, The Birds, WooDong ♥

LOL anung ginagawa ni Dydy ke Hyesung? Ang kyut ng paghampas ni Hye ke Dydy eh. Haha!

It was indeed a very wonderful fangirl year for me. All of that is because of Shinhwa, of these forever dorks, forever kids and forever the legend that they are.

New Year with Shinhwa


I was awake earlier than expected. I wasn’t feeling well last night, couldn’t even go online to check anything. I went straight to sleep due to abdominal pain. Couldn’t even go to mass or eat dinner last night.

It’s Dec. 31 today, Hyesung’s 2nd night of Year’s Journey Concert but somehow I feel like tomorrow is still December. It may be a new year but to me it just goes on. However, there’s a lot to look forward next year. I’m praying that this year will be a lot better. It will be a more fruitful, a more blessed, a more happy year.

Sana ako at si Dan Aaron ay makapag-pa-approve ng marami sa mga schools.

For 2012, I’m still thankful for many things especially being able to see Shinhwa for the first time in concert, live. That is something I will forever treasure as one of the best gifts I’ve ever received from God.

I wish and pray that God will always guide Shinhwa and that they’re always blessed, happy and healthy for the new year. Sana makanood ulit ako, hopefully makanood rin ng solo Hyesung concert. ^_^

Prosperous New Year for everyone!