3/24 Happy happy XV Anniversary Shinhwa oppas!


This is my self-made collage I submitted to the photo exhibit featuring some of my favorite photos, DVDs and concert goods. I hope they were able to see this.

#ThankYouShinhwa15 for Shinhwa Broadcast and Shinhwa Company.

Eric-nim thank u for not being human, because you’re an alien and you made M, Dongwan, Hyesung, Jinnie and Andy be like you.

Thank you Hyesung for your God-given voice, crab dance, mommy buy me that dance, fighting dance and the newest gun dance, apeunya, nadu appeuda,Shin-Brief and forever Little Prince.

Thank you to the forever tease, forever center, creator bou Minwoo, for being Leader-nim’s huge support in leading Shinhwa.

Thank you Dydy for being forever cute, always Shinhwa’s lovable maknae.

Thank you Oppayam, Shinhwa’s double PD, distributor boy, forever witty guy. Dong-hole and God of eloquence. Thank you also for scolding ShinChangs.

Baby Bird and filial boy Jinnie, thank you for being a good baby to mother bird Hyesungie, for being strong after everything you went through.

♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you so much because the legend continues


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