Holy Week at the City of Pines ’09

The Bud

Baguio Cathedral at night

Is this the set of Twilight?! It’s the Baguio Country Club

It looks pretty.Manong and his colorful brooms.

Rhea with the natives in the background at the Botanical Garden

My hot choco.

This is art. Houses atop the mountains.

I was really hungry when we were on our way to Camp John Hay. This is the only resto on the way. I love the hot chocolate and the very yummy palabok.

At the Mines View Park

Mga katutubo

This is the stairs at the Wright Park. It’s a good way to exercise.

Bell Church entrance

At the Bell Church

Rhea picking fresh strawberries.Actually,we weren’t allowed to harvest anymore when we got there so she just acted like she’s picking them fresh.

A prayer on a very rainy day at The Grotto

At the Grotto

Morning view at the Wright Park

The Mansion gate

At The Mansion grounds

The Cemetery of Negativism

Bell House Garden

At Camp John Hay

Pretty dark and muddy entrance to the cave.

At the Crystal Cave

Mga mgagandang kubo sa Tam-Awan.

Very original and organic at the Tam-Awan Village.

Smoky. I don’t know where that smoke came from. This was at the Wright Park.

This car was parked along Session Road. Probably owned by one of the resto owners there. Classy!

Volkswagen mini van. Cute!

Light in the dark


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