Hong Kong Christmas Survival II

December 13, Sunday – Day Two

Through the help of Sab, I got to meet Cherie Lee from Hong Kong. I needed to meet her when I arrive in Hong Kong because she had something to give to She. She also knows her. I called her on SS501 Day and she taught me the directions to Disneyland and to Asia World. We arranged to meet the next day, Sunday. She’s really nice when it’s actually our first time to meet each other. She even obliged to meet me at the guesthouse I was staying. 

The next day was pretty embarrassing for me because I wasn’t able to get up before 10:00AM. I woke up when I heard someone knocking on my door. To my shock, it was already Cherie. I quickly apologized for the trouble since she had to wait for me to get dressed. But before that we had some talk about the concert last night. I showed her the SS501 stuffs I bought last night at the concert. She even took pictures of everything I bought. I found out that she like Hyung Joon (Maknae) the least and of course Hyun Joong (Leader) the first like me. 

We went to Victoria Peak. It was really far and a very high place. I got to see the whole city from the Peak. It was really nice with all the tall buildings and sea surrounding them. We also tried the Peak Tram, it was quite scary for me. The direction of the tram was backwards and it’s getting under and under. I felt like I was going to get buried. Silly me right? 

Then we went to Stanley Market to see some Hong Kong made stuffs. She bought some stuff for her German boyfriend as she’s off to Frankfurt on Tuesday. As for me, I just managed to buy a hand made Chinese umbrella at HK$40 because there isn’t something that really caught my attention.  She even had SS501 names’ written in Chinese. I also wanted that too but I was careful of buying too much.

I also got to see the Repulse Bay since it’s near Stanley Market. I think no one is swimming there since I think it’s really deep. There was also this old building that was used by the government before. They now use it as a tourist site with restaurants inside and favorite place for wedding and graduation receptions. 

While we were on the bus to our destination, we were always talking about SS501 especially Leader. We share one common thing and that is that we love Leader so much and SS501. She even told me a funny story that she had a dream the night before. She dreamed of Leader going to her company and asking for her autograph. 

After seeing The Peak and Stanley Market, we went back to the bus stop. And from there we went inside the biggest mall in Hong Kong since it’s the way to the ferry station. My feet was really giving me hard time and Cherie was walking way too fast. I almost couldn’t catch up. It was hurting when I got back from the concert, maybe it’s because I walked too much since I went to Disneyland and to Asia World. We had to walk a very long bridge to get to the ferry station. 

I wanted to try the ferry since I haven’t tried it. The ferry is really big and it was a very beautiful view from there. The light from the building was really pretty. I took some pictures of the clock tower and the Hong Kong Convention Center while aboard the ferry. We got to Tsim Sha Tsui in 10 minutes or even less, that fast.

From there we went to Mong Kok to see some cd’s. Boy, I almost went crazy when I saw many SS501 cd’s that’s really hard to find in Manila. I bought 5 SS501 cd’s, I even wanted to buy the SS501 Ur Man DVD Concert and the Step – Up Concert in Japan but it doesn’t have subs. Then we went on the next level, I saw a lot of SS501 photos being sold from the concert last night and the press con. I bought the cd’s for HK$540 I guess for the five cd’s and HK$115 for the photos. Cherie even joked I bought a lot. Since it’s not like I always go to Hong Kong so I bought many. 

Then we went back to the Hong Kong Cultural Convention because we had to see the Symphony of Lights that starts at 8:00PM, which is why I stayed for another day in Hong Kong. The different buildings are so pretty with the lights coming from them. You only get to see this in Hong Kong. It’s really Christmas in Hong Kong. After that, Cherie and I went for a dinner at Ootoya, a Japanese restaurant. The food was great; I ordered chicken with some vegetables in it. It was delicious but I didn’t get to finish the whole since the chicken is too much for me. Cherie paid for it without even asking me. She was really nice; she paid for my lunch and dinner. Then I went straight to the guesthouse after since she had some things to attend to. 

December 14, Monday – Day 3 

It’s my last day in Hong Kong; I sure gonna miss the cold weather, the clean and safe streets, the fast life, the cd shops with lots of SS501, the tourist sites, the good food and Cherie.

I woke up quite late at 11:00AM. I went back to Sino Centre at the CD shop to buy cd’s for Ate Ripsie, Elen, She, Kathy and Dulce. I walked from the guesthouse to there since I don’t remember where to get off if I took the bus. I thought I was getting lost but I found it. HMV CD shop only has SS501 Solo Collection that’s why I had to go back at the CD shop. I waited for the store to open that I bought cd’s from, because the other shops only had few SS501 albums. I got to meet Ate Libay who was at the concert too buying SS501 albums from the same shop. 

I took the A21 bus to Nathan Road at 2:30PM to get my baggages. I was at the airport 3:30PM and at 4:00 PM I just had my lunch since I was in a hurry to get to the CD Shop. I was again very early when I arrived at the airport. I got to meet two Pinoy domestic helpers. 

The plane was late and I was even early. It arrived at 7:30 PM when it’s supposed to have left at that time. I wanted to arrive early in Manila because of Boys Over Flowers. But since the plane was late, I didn’t make it. I was tad disappointed when I stepped at NAIA 3 because it’s too hot. I couldn’t even feel its Christmas. 

I miss Hong Kong already. It was a great trip, the best I ever had. I did it and I’m proud of myself. I went to Hong Kong by myself because I really want to see Kim Hyun Joong and the boys and I did it. I was so happy because I saw them in person and live in concert. I got to be in Hong Kong and managed everything on my own. I couldn’t believe it myself either but I know I am capable. It’s not going to be the last for sure.


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