Hong Kong Dreams


It feels really different in Hong Kong. Maybe it’s because they were once a British colony and the Philippines wasn’t. It’s completely a small country as compared to the Philippines, but see it’s not about the size. They are completely miles and miles ahead of the Philippines in terms of almost anything I could think about. Apart from the very cold weather not wet cold weather that I really fancy. Their airport is huge and very beautiful.
Their bus is a double-decker, looks and feels like a plane. Eating, drinking, littering is strictly prohibited. Don’t even think about doing one of these. The Pinoys have a knack for breaking rules. The Chinese don’t. Pretty simple, Pinoys don’t have respect to government rules and they do not fear the government. The Chinese fear the government that’s why they respect rules.

The bus has a baggage area and your bags won’t get stolen. It’s air conditioned and the seats are comfortable. You pay not with cash but with an Octopus card or a ticket you can buy at the ticketing center. Octopus card is a card stored with unlimited value that one can use to pay for the bus, MTR and even in some tourist sites’ entrances. It’s amazing I wish we had one like this here. You can reload it anytime in any 7-eleven stores and in any second your Octopus card is reloaded. Here, even phone loads don’t arrive anymore.

It was almost midnight when I arrive in Tsim Sha Tsui. There were still so many people in the streets. I didn’t even see one policeman. It’s because the city has a low crime rate that’s why. It’s practically safe to roam around the city even at the wee hours. When I came back from the concert, it was already past midnight.  It’s practically easy and safe.

I even went for a walk at 12:30AM on a Sunday when I thought that the CD shop might still be open. I was walking by myself and I came across some people.

I don’t even remember seeing trash scattered in the streets. I think there wasn’t any or people sleeping in the streets who almost have no food to eat. I noticed too that everything seemed so fast. It looked like they have no traffic. I walked all the way from Nathan Road to Mong Kok and I took the bus from there to Nathan Rd in just 20 minutes. It was this fast when it was actually far already. The bus only stops on the right bus stops and loads and unloads passengers there. To think that their buses are big but it’s really fast. And I don’t even see smokes coming out from vehicles there. Their environment is really beautiful, they care about it.

No one smokes in places they shouldn’t smoke. Their train is really amazing. It travels to far places and I do think they have one MTR only. Everything is interconnected already, you don’t have to get off from the building of the train and go to another train building to take you somewhere.

Hong Kong is way too small if one compares it to the Philippines. But to be honest, I’d rather be there than stay in the Philippines without any hope at all. It’s a desperate call for me to say that someday, the Philippines could be like Hong Kong. If this happens I don’t know when, Hong Kong then will sure be way ahead of us already.

So what if we speak English fluently? It doesn’t mean we’re more educated and intelligent than them because they can’t speak English. Disrespecting government rules and regulations, does this show intellect? I don’t think so. What’s the use of intelligence if you don’t know how to use it properly?

I can truly understand why many people leave the country. It’s not a question to even be asked since one already know the answer.


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