Hong Kong Christmas Survival I


Original post: Dec. 11 & 19, 09

This is my ticket for the SS501 Persona in Hong Kong 1st Asia Tour tonight at 8:00PM. This is the best thing that ever happened to me this year, despite the not so good things that took place in the earlier months. This is what I call the best vacation. I’m going to Disneyland later because it’s near Asia World Arena, the venue of the concert so I’ll just spend time there so it’s easier to go to the venue. 

I’m finally gonna see Kim Hyun Joong in the flesh and of course the boys. Not only in person but performing live. This is also my first international concert experience and my first trip outside the country by myself. Everything is a first and I’d get to experience this with no less than the Romantic Man of the Nation Ji-hoo Sunbae and SS501. 

I’m excited for the concert. Wahhhhh. It’s gonna be HOT HOT HOT despite the very cold weather here. HJL, finally we’ll meet!!!!



This was my first taste of an international Korean music concert, so some things I’ve said might not be applicable now. As much as I loved SS501 during this year, at present I have long moved on and now much more happier with Shinhwa. 


I was on my way to Hong Kong on this day December 11, 2009 Friday. It’s my first time going on a trip overseas. Everything is a first since this is also my first time boarding a plane to Hong Kong by myself. I was off to Hong Kong to see Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 in person and live at the Asia World Arena. I was so excited and ecstatic! 


Before I left Manila, I exchanged my money to HK Dollar. Their money is really pretty, it looked like paper money. The colors are lovely.

Arrival in Hong Kong

I arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport at around 9:10PM December, 11. But since I had to line up at the immigration and to get my check- in baggage, I was only able to take the A21 bus to Tsim Sha Tsui around 11:00 PM already.

It was really cold in Hong Kong or maybe I just wasn’t used to their cold weather. The bus took like almost an hour to get me to Tsim Sha Tsui to get to my guesthouse. This is their double decker bus. Their bus is really nice,it felt like you’re in a plane. No eating or drinking and most especially littering. The bus had these luggage area where people place their bags and it won’t get stolen. What’s more is that the bus had this digital small screen that shows what stop the bus is in now and the next stop of the bus. So you won’t get lost so long as you know where you’ll get off. The distance was quite far but you’re comfortable unlike in buses here and it isn’t crowded and it’s not dusty nor dirty. 

I arrived at my guesthouse at already 12:30AM since we couldn’t find it. I had two fellow Pinoy’s with me that I encountered at the bus stop.They accompanied me until we found the guesthouse. The numbers of the buildings there are quite confusing because it had two numbers in it. I even had time to go online at Triple S because I also had to revised my project.

December 12, 2009 Saturday 

I woke up early the next day, although I didn’t have enough sleep since I was quite tired from the trip. I updated my blog and my Facebook account in the morning, after I had my breakfast at a nearby 7-eleven store. My laptop was about to go lowbatt already, that’s why I took the advantage to update and transfer photos from the camera to the computer. 

Since it’s SS501 day I went to eat lunch at a Korean restaurant nearby, before I took off to Disneyland first and then to Asia World. And this is what I had for lunch that day. Pretty much for one person. The food was good but I couldn’t finish it since it’s too much for me. I wonder if the boys eat this much.

I called Cherie to talk to her about the supposed meet-up on Sunday. She told me the directions to go Disneyland and then to Asia World. I almost went crazy when I went to the MTR Station because there were so many entrances. I had to ask a lady and she obligingly helped me. This was a ride I won’t forget, thank God I didn’t get lost. It was quite easy so long as you ask when you don’t know. 

I took the MTR then I got off at Lai King to take a train that will take me to Sunny Bay. And from Sunny Bay, I took the Disneyland train. And voila, Disneyland Hong Kong!


I only spent like two hours in Disneyland since I didn’t have much time. I just went for a stroll there and checked the Disneyland store and took some photos.I took off  to Asia World at around 5:00PM. 

I took the Disneyland train back to Sunny Bay and from Sunny Bay, I took the train to Tung Chung. From Tung Chung, I took the S1 bus to take me to Asia World Expo in Lantau.

This is the Asia World Arena in Lantau Island. SS501!

And this is the Sky City Marriott Hotel where SS501 stayed. Classy! It’s just next to Asia World. They could even walk from there to Asia World.

This is me inside the Asia World on my way to Hall 7 where the concert will take place. I was overjoyed you know,the feeling is unexplainable. I’d get to see them live! Oh my God this is really happening!

It looked like there was some sort of SS501 Photo Exhibit at the lower level of the hall. This is one of those photos I took.

Wahhhhh! This is inside Hall 7 already. I love the Persona logo. So thrilled to be here!

I’ll post my very own fan cams of the concert on my next post.

I will never forget this very fateful day that I was able to see my ultimate love Kim Hyun Joong and SS501.


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