SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok Feb 12, 2010

13 Feb 2010 Saturday

And so 6:00PM came and the gates are opened. Ate Rips,She and Kate went to their gates. While I headed to the AR VIP gate on my own. When I came in, I was awed since the venue is big. And the VIP seats are so close to the stage. I was thrilled to be here again for the second time to see them live and more up close this time.

I really love the Phantom of the Opera mask as their logo and its green color. So I always take a photo of it in the two Persona’s that I attended. At 7:00 or 7:10PM, the concert has started. I was looking up because I thought they’d go down using the pole again. But no, they came up using a lift under the stage. Then everyone was like crazy mental patients locked in an arena. I was shouting like mad, I almost lost my voice. What a silly fan girl.

They sang Deja Vu, one of my favorite songs ever. It was really explosive when they sang this on stage and I love the outfits, so cool.

I’m shoving my very own precious fan cams here. I didn’t record all the performances though.I won’t describe every performance. I can only say one thing,it’s one great show. And they’re worth it.


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