Trip to Bangkok – SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok

14 Feb 2010 Sunday

Last Day
Departure to Manila

We weren’t able to sleep early because of the after effects from the concert. I’m sure it wasn’t only me who was disappointed not to see Jitjoong in Bangkok. Anyway, Leader is still Leader with or without Jitjoong. 

We were supposed to check out the mall near Luxor, but the hotel staff misunderstood and arrange the shuttle for us to the airport. So we were at the airport so early before 12:00NN. This is what I ate for lunch. It’s curry rice with salted egg. The rice is so good. I made the right choice ordering this. 

Suvarnabhumi Airport

While we were at the restaurant inside the airport, She and Grace spotted this Human Torch look alike at a nearby table. They took a photo of him. They were giggling at the guy. He really looked like Chris Evans but he’s short. 

Just a few minutes after Human Torch look alike left, another good looking but Asian guy arrived with a girl though. At first he looked Korean to me,  but then according to Kate who was eavesdropping he’s Thai. I thought I was the only one who noticed him but then everyone was also looking. The guy even caught me looking at him. I was so silly. Kate was so obvious eavesdropping at them. But well they managed to take a picture of the handsome Thai tour guide. 

We were hoping we could see Jung Min at the airport. We checked the flights to Korea and there’s only two 11:00PM and 11:30PM. It’s the 11:30PM flight since he followed the original flight back to Korea via Thai Airways. We were looking for the check-in counter of Thai Airways but we only saw the check-in for economy flights which of course isn’t his flight.

Finally some Thai TS approached us because of Kate’s Leader fan displayed while we were seated. They said they also came to wait for Jung Min. We finally found the check-in counter for the Royal Thai Airways which was near entrance 1. I was actually losing hope, what if he comes in the other entrance. Kate and I even went out to look out for a gray van that might be passing by. 

After some hours of waiting, the guards asked us to line up. So this is it, Jung Min was really coming in through entrance 1. And then there he was coming out from the van, people started screaming and running after him.Jung Min is such a sweet surprise since when I first saw him, I didn’t find him handsome. But he’s really handsome in person, I’ve confirmed it twice in HK and Bangkok.

I didn’t know what happened next but I found myself running after him. If it was Leader,I’m sure I would have done the same thing or something more crazy. 

This is a scary scene since people might hurt other people. I never imagined myself that I’d be part of the fan girls commotion in the airport because of idols. Oh well, it was a great experience being in this scene though. I kinda hated the four boys because they changed their flight to Seoul on 13th. But anyway, Jung Minni you’re officially my number two now.

So this is how I ended my last day in Bangkok. But I wish I should have gone to Seoul Encore than Bangkok. It was still one of my unforgettable moments.


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