Sunny Singapura: At First Sight

It was my first time in Singapore and my third overseas trip, however this time I didn’t have to spend a single penny. June 2011 will always be a special experience and month for me. Before the trip, I was totally racking my brain on thinking of ways how I could go somewhere overseas again after Bangkok. But then, God is so good he gave me this in the form of my 3rd brother’s kindness. And oh, we also went to Kuala Lumpur. J

To put in proper form, I was actually just brought along to accompany my mom. It was my brother’s birthday treat to her so I just tagged along because it’s for free! Not anyone can get a free overseas trip any day so of course I agreed!  It was the first time traveling with my mom and stroll with both my mom and brother with his girlfriend overseas.

I’m just gonna post some of the highlights of the trip cause there are so many photos.

( Marina Bay Sands, The Helix Bridge, Esplanade, Merlion, Universal Studios, Sentosa)

And because I love this photo of mine since I don’t really look good in photos.

I really like this too! The Mummy at Universal Studios. The guy looks like in the movies.

I like the car. White.

Hard Rock Cafe for Ma’s birthday dinner. I remember last June, my Shinhwa oppas stayed at Hard Rock Hotel which is here at the same place.

Sentosa Boardwalk at night. I love it here when it’s at night.


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