Lee Chung-ah’s kiss with Jung Il-woo on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Lee Chung Ah and Jung Il Woo drove fans crazy with their public kiss in tvN’s Flower Boy Ramen Shop in 2011, but the actress revealed that the scene was actually not as romantic as it appeared.

On SBS’ Strong Heart on July 24, Lee Chung Ah talked about the bad luck that comes when working with flower boy actors.

During Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Lee Chung Ah said there was an important kiss scene where Jung Il Woo fiercely pulls her in and kisses her, but he executed the action with so much force that his teeth actually cut her lips and she started bleeding.

“I started seeing stars while kissing,” said the actress. “I could taste the blood, but because the cameras were rolling, I didn’t stop the filming, but afterwards, I saw that blood was running down my teeth.”

Lee Chung Ah later talked about her bad luck working with Jung Woo Sung in the movie The Good, The Bad, The Weird, where all of her scenes were edited except for a mere 48 seconds.

Here’s my take on this: 

I was omhygeeing when I first saw this Ep. 10 kiss because it was so intense, I mean the way Jung Ilwoo kissed her because she didn’t kiss back. But I didn’t know it was so intense it became a bloody kiss cause her lips got cut when Ilwoo’s teeth ran through it. But hey, if that was me I wouldn’t mind LOL!!! Besides it’s just a minor cut, he didn’t do it intentionally. 

I’ve always thought that Lee Chung-ah is very lucky cause she always has handsome co-stars since I saw her with Kang Dongwon in Temptation of Wolves and Jo Hansun and with Jung Ilwoo and Lee Kiwoo for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. However, she says she’s had badluck with flower boys she’s worked with, yet she’s still very lucky. 

LOL with shrieking fans at the background. Seeing the filming of the kiss makes it more real to me. I like the way he laughs oh my ♥ 🙂


Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s Kanghyuk, Eunbi & Chisoo

Kanghyuk, Eunbi and Chisoo portrayed by Lee Kiwoo, Lee Chungah and Jung Ilwoo

Kanghyuk, Eunbi & Chisoo, one of the most beautiful Kdrama trios ever.  this official teaser photo

This is the only drama where I didn’t have to hate or dislike the main guy because he’s a jerk. One example was Gu Junpyo in BOF. Chisoo and Junpyo have some similarities but Chisoo is more real to me than Jun-pyo and he’s more lovable, there’s the kulit factor. Not intentionally comparing or dissing Lee Minho who happens to be Jung Ilwoo’s bff, but apart from the character acting wise, Jung Ilwoo wins!!! 

I usually like the main guy, though there were instances that I was rooting for the third wheel. But this time again, I went for the main guy Chisoo but I can’t help but like Kanghyuk as well. It’s both a win-win situation whoever she ends up with unlike other dramas that you’d totally hate it when she ends up with the other. I’d still be happy even if she ended up with Kanghyuk. I like that they happen to be half-brothers too, they do have some resemblance to each other.

More photos – Shinhwa flower stands at the concert and others

That cartoon image is Dydy from the March Seoul concert

Flower stands for Shinhwa Wings: Dongwan and Hyesung

Another Sungie flower stand

Shinhwa and Dydy flower stands

Flower stand from Hyesungie’s HK Fanclub

Flower stand for the one and only Crab Little Prince from HK-HS. I have a fanmade fan with the same photo on this from Roygen fansign last April 20.

I look bad here but at least I’m next to Crabbie. Hehe

Selca time with ate Flor and Monica

With ate Grace

The Shinhwa staff guy that everyone’s been crushing over


Wild Shinhwa banner. Me and Monica also took a photo with this but she still has to spare time to upload it.


Ate Flor and ate Grace with SHS and Andy fanboards


From L-R: Cam, the Shinhwa staff, ate Flor, ate Grace, Marthana. I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the two girls.


Ate Flor and Nads


Me and the SHS fanboard and Hyesung HK fan. I’m actually more proud of the fan than to show my face LOL


Monica with Eric fanboard


Monica and me with our biases fanboards


Ate Flor and Monica

IMG_20130608_110512 IMG_20130608_143149

All the fan stuff that I got from the concert including gifts from ate Flor.

The epic fanboards handmade by ate Flor. I’m specially proud of these JJ and Eric fanboards as they were captured while I was holding them up by photographers from Asia World Club. I got the HS plastic fanboard from ate Lai, it’s so cute as it’s back to back. The other side shows Hyesung in his Angel gun dance.

This is the shot I’m referring to. Though our faces ( ate Flor and me) are not seen here but we’re just too happy that the fanboards got captured. :)) Weeeee!!! We are proud Changjos!!! (Photo from Asia World Club)

On a June Saturday Shinhwa Made Super Special (Part I-A)

At the Clark International Airport

Nice to see you again HK

If my previous Shinhwa fangirling travel post was titled ‘On a Saturday Shinhwa Made Extraordinary,’ this time I made some changes. Instead of made extraordinary, now I made it super special which means something special has become a lot more special because of them.

It took me just today to finally be able to write about Shinhwa Grand Tour The Classic in HongKong. I couldn’t find time to sit down and do it when I arrived as I got busy with laundry and stuff. Add to that was because I was tired, I wanted sleep but didn’t manage to sleep after arriving. When I went to work, Thursday 13th June I was busy with deadline. Now that production is over for the month, there’s nothing else to do so this is the best time to do it.

Arrived at HongKong International Airport. Nice to see you again HK!

Before the HK stop was made official, I thought I’d be going Singapore again. If they went Singapore and not HK, it would have been my third time there. It was nice to go back to HK this time, as the first time I visited was during my first solo overseas trip on Dec. 2009. Well this time, I flew by myself again but I had some friends when I got there and during the concert, so things were quite different this time unlike last time that I was totally by myself.

What made this Shinhwa HK stop more fun than my first HK with SS501 concert and my first Shinhwa concert in Singapore was meeting new friends there, from Indonesia, Cebu and finally meeting ate Flor and ate Grace. I guess one big reason why I’m a lot happier this time was because I didn’t have to stay at my brother’s place in Singapore and have another argument with him that would tinge my good mood for that day. I didn’t have to think that I might disturb or worry other people for getting home so late because he’s not around to make a fuss about it.

The Classic in HK was the best way to celebrate Shinhwa’s 15th anniversary and my 1st anniversary as a Shinhwa Changjo ( Shinhwa’s official fanclub name). I actually considered going to Taipei but then the visa requirement is additional hassle. Plus it has a fee, though I would have more time to earn more pocket money. However, considering the recent issue between the Philippines and Taipei, I thought it wasn’t a good time to go there. But now, it seems the issue has totally went down and it’s okay to go. One problem, I don’t have time to source funds that fast when there’s only less than a month left when I arrived from the HK concert. It wasn’t quite possible to make it to Taipei.

I had to lie about the real reason of going to HK because knowing my mother, she would definitely comment and I didn’t want to hear it. No one and nothing was able to stop me. I’m going and when I say I’m going, I’m definitely going. I worked hard for it and I deserved it. I prayed hard for it and God gave it to me again so I’m very thankful.

And so I left Manila on an early Friday morning and took a bus at Trinoma Clark Airport Lounge. I only had 2 hours of sleep and got up to be on time for the 3:00am bus to Clark Airport. I was pretty early. I arrived at Clark at 4:30am and immediately went inside to immigration and paid the stupid taxes and fees. I had breakfast there had coffee and ate a sandwich that I brought. I think I waited for an hour before boarding time. There was so much time and I was so bored as I didn’t have my laptop with me. The airport is quite small but there weren’t a lot of people so everything was quite faster.

It was boarding time 15mins before 7:05am. I got in the plane but as usual can’t sleep. I don’t really get to sleep on a flight. I was seated next to a mother and daughter. The adult daughter gave me a Jollibee sandwich and she asked me if I work there. I told her no, I was just going to watch something. Then she said, she thought I’m a student. Haha! I’m always mistaken as a student. And so I arrived HK at 9:00am and called ate Flor but she wasn’t answering but ate Grace answered. I took the bus to Mongkok to drop my bag and take a shower at the hostel. However, it wasn’t easy finding the hostel. It took me probably an hour going back and forth Argyle St. but couldn’t see it. I was so tired and sweaty, my shoulders are in pain. Finally saw it when I asked a man in front of 7-eleven and pointed the building in front of me. It was freaking right there!!! But because the sign was so small, it was so hard to find. I took a shower and had change of clothes and that’s when I realized I forgot so many. I forgot slippers, towel, an extra pants and soap.

Eusha Eusha Cafe & Diner Shinhwa posters

I couldn’t resist the urge to take photos of the framed Shinhwa posters displayed all over the shop. Well I actually wanted to take photos of me with the posters but it will take much of my time so I just took photos of them individually.

Here are the awesome posters. Would have been nice if they could give away one. Hehe!

Shinhwa MBC Greatest Artist Collection and 2001 First Live Concert

Hyesungie’s Beginning, New Days album, Jinnie’s Love Doesn’t Come and Andy’s Propose

I went OMG when I saw this poster. It’s the most coveted Shinhwa Wild poster.

Shinhwa palms

Only One – 3rd jib

Shinhwa Vol. 9 on the right and Inspiration #1 Japanese album

Inspiration #1 and 10th Anniversary poster

State of the Art and Winter Story 2007

Music Video Collection and CF poster with Moon Geun-young

10th Anniv jib poster. The only time Hyesung is with a mustache. He looks good though.

State of the Art in Seoul poster

This is from the Turkey photobook. Forgot the title though

Brand New Vol. 7

I don’t like Minwoo’s hairstyle here. It’s too mature for him. Hyesung and Jinnie with quite long hair. Hyesungie is so pretty though.

Kim Dongwan is… album

I don’t where this poster is from. Probably Explore M.

I think Eric’s is from a CF. I wanted to move the box but they might scold me for doing so

Minwoo’s Girlfriend album poster. I love this it’s so big and beautiful

I love this too. Dongwan is so gorgeous. Love to put this on my front door.

Music Video Collection poster but this pic is also from State of the Art

Shinhwa Japan Tour 2005

I love this. I have the photobook of this from Vol. 9 10th Anniv album

2006 Asia Tour in Seoul

Dongwan and Eric. This was under the table so couldn’t capture it better

On a June Saturday Shinhwa Made Super Special (Part I-B)

Eusha Eusha Café & Diner

Eusha Eusha Cafe & Diner sign at Central. I really like the sign.

I was supposed to meet ate Grace but it was hard when the only way I could contact her was through payphone. She didn’t know what I was wearing and I didn’t know hers either. I couldn’t reach her from the first two payphone calls I made so I just ate lunch at a nearby Burger King because I was so hungry. So when she finally answered on my third call, we agreed to meet at Central Exit B but I heard wrongly and went to Exit D. Luckily she was there when I got to Central Exit D.

They were already at Eusha Eusha. Because I’m really thirsty, I ordered a ‘I Pray 4U’ shake which I think was some kind of apple shake and busied myself taking pictures of the framed posters displayed everywhere at the shop while everyone was chatting. Before we left, we took a group photo mimicking the oppas flower pose with the posters behind us. While busy taking photos, I noticed my pants got stained and because I didn’t have extra pants with me I had to buy. Luckily, there was a nearby tiyangge at Eusha so I bought two and slippers.

Eusha Eusha’s menu with names from Shinwha song. Adorable right?!

On a June Saturday Shinhwa Made Super Special (Part II-A)

Disappointment with the oppas

I went back to the hostel with ate Lai and we had dinner at Café de Coral. Food there is really good and affordable but the servings are really big. I wasn’t able to finish mine though but it was real good. Then we headed to the hostel to take some rest but after two hours, ate Lai knocked on my door and told me they were already at the airport to welcome the oppas arrival.

We couldn’t find the A21 bus stop going to the airport so I suggested we just take the MTR instead and take a bus at Tung Chung station to the airport. We were at Exit Hall A Terminal 1 at 9PM because we were expecting them to arrive at 10:30PM. And so the waiting game began.

There were a lot of fans already waiting outside Exit Hall A. I couldn’t find a good place to wait because everything with good views been occupied already. I just opted to stay at the walkway because I can easily see them there too. We waited and it was already past 10:30 but still no sight of the 6. Could the flight been delayed? But then we were seeing Korean flight attendants and Korean tourists coming out from a Korean Air flight. I thought that must be the flight they were in. Then all of a sudden, I heard screams and everyone was running toward the other side of the exit halls so I ran too. Imagine how big the airport is and running from one side to the other, I was really gasping when I reached the other side of exit halls. But then when I got there, some fans from Exit Hall A screamed again and everyone was running back to Exit Hall A.

Finally, we stayed at Exit Hall A and it was already 11PM but still no ShinOppas. I thought they already left and took the VIP exit because if they were really going through Exit Hall A, there should have been security already shoving us off but there was none. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t show up at the airport as it’s their first time in HK. I was expecting to see them that’s why I took the early flight and so I could go to Eusha Eusha too. And so I left the airport quite disappointed and because I couldn’t find ate Lai, I left alone.

I had a cup of coffee at a nearby McDo and went to our room after and took a rest for a very tiring day. I should regain and gather all my strength for tomorrow’s concert.