On a Saturday Shinhwa made extraordinary

My first time in Singapore gave me a first-hand experience about what it’s like there. I pretty much discovered some things during my two-week stay there. Like during my trip to Hong Kong, I felt some similarity with the environment here, everything seems so orderly and organized; commuting isn’t a problem; clean surroundings among others. The place became familiar to me as I now know how to navigate the places quite easily, more so this time that I came alone but for a different reason.

If the first time came free and solely for the purpose of strolling and discovering Singapore, this time the travel came with a concert and not just any concert. It’s a Shinhwa concert, it’s Shinhwa’s 14th Anniversary Asia Tour.

It was my first time to watch in Singapore and first time to see my 3 month-old newly gained Shinhwa oppars perform live in concert. How awesome is that?! It was super awesome!

So the story started when I officially became a Shinhwa Changjo on March 28 or 29 last year. I’ve known the name Shinhwa since I got into the whole Korean popular culture bandwagon during my early college years.  The whole craziness started with Venus MV when Vince forwarded it to me on YM. But even before this, I was talking to ate Len about them already and Shinhwa Broadcast.

When me and the rest of my common fangirls became ShinChangs in March, we started talking about Shinhwa’s Wild Photobook that was shot in the Philippines, though we don’t exactly know where.   The conversations were mainly on the perv side as the photobook shows them half-naked, oh even full naked but back view, at a beach carrying coconut leaves, under a waterfall, against the waves and posing in the woods.  So imagination is really working for us,dirty imaginations haha! So this is where the idea to create a secret group came from, the birth of TCC aka Triple Cassie Changjo. It’s a combination of three fandoms: Triple from Triple S of SS501 (I’m not a TS anymore btw), Cassie/ Cassiopeia of TVXQ and of course Changjo from Shinhwa Changjo of Shinhwa.

When I found out that they’re going to have Asia Tour, I just felt the need to do it. I had to be there. I had to resort to even selling some of my SS501 stuff as it’s okay for me to let them go. And so I made it!!! Of course, everything came with effort and prayers that I managed to gather enough money in only 2 months and almost 2 weeks to see Shinhwa live!!! That’s so big!!! It was such an achievement to me because I haven’t gone to a concert overseas with just 2 months to prepare.  I did went to HK and Bangkok for a concert too but I had more time. Add to that, I was a relatively new fan unlike when I went to SS concert on Dec ’09, I was already a fan for months already and had like a year to prepare. So everything went so fast but I’m glad I made it.

So that’s how my ShinChang story began and how I gathered all my tactics to get to Singapore and see them.

The four of us went to Singapore: ate Elen, ate Lyn, Sarah and me. We left Thursday early morning. The concert was held Saturday, June 16 at Compass Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre. I didn’t take photos or fancams during the concert as I learned my lesson, it will only distract me. I just wanted to focus on staring at them. LOL!

Oh and we went to the airport Friday when the oppas arrived. Ate Elen and I managed to hand over our gifts to one of the managers. Airport guards were quite rude pushing us.  I really wanted to get close as in be able to hand it over to one of the oppas myself, but oh well that’s better than not having to hand it over though. Couldn’t take photos either, it was a riot at the airport just to get a good sight of the oppas.

My first Shinhwa concert was super blast! I really enjoyed the concert and damn they’re so so good live. As you know most idol groups nowadays aren’t worthy seeing live.One of my very best experience ever. I felt so good at the concert, I forgot about the time. Like I was literally in a new world – in Shinhwa happy world. I wanted more really. Couldn’t believe when it was encore song already. I promised myself I will see them again.

Via Tiger Airways with ate Lyn

Inside the MRT going to where again, I think to Paya Lebar

At the Compass Ballroom - Resorts World Convention Centre, Sentosa

At the Compass Ballroom – Resorts World Convention Centre, Sentosa

My ShinOppars!!!! I really wanted to take a photo here but I was alone when I saw this. I couldn't take a selca cause I wouldn't be able to capture all of them six.

My ShinOppars!!!! I really wanted to take a photo here but I was alone when I saw this. I couldn’t take a selca cause I wouldn’t be able to capture all of them six.

Photo0377  Photo0383

Ate Elen, Sarah and ate Len though ate Len didn't watch

Ate Elen, Sarah and ate Len though ate Len didn’t watch

The lovely Changjos :)

The lovely Changjos 🙂


Inside Compass Ballroom after the encore song

Sarah, ate Elen & me on our way to Compass Ballroom

Still inside RSW. At our back is the Hard Rock Hotel where  the oppas stayed

Late dinner at Wendy’s after the concert

Strolling at Clarke Quay the day after the concert. I was sad Hyesungie, Dydy and Dongwan went back to Seoul early Sunday morning. I couldn’t even see them off.

Still at Clarke Quay. It was a hot day

I’m writing my first Shinhwa concert experience cause I’ll be leaving again this Friday to see my ShinOppars on Saturday!!!! I missed them though I always see them through updates of course. As Minwoo said, Orange Princesses and Shinhwa will make unforgettable memories together again. :))) Shinhwa Mansae!!!


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