Eric Kept Shinhwa Together By Splitting His CF Earnings with Members

by CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong
There’s a reason why Shinhwa has managed to stay together for 15 years, and the members say it was because of their leader Eric.

During a recent recording of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, the Shinhwa members appeared as guests to talk about their experiences as the longest running idol group in K-Pop history.During the recording, MC Tak Jae Hoon said, “After Eric made it big as an actor, I didn’t think he would come back to being a singer.”While Tak Jae Hoon’s thoughts were honest, the Shinhwa members explained that it was actually Eric, who brought the group back together.

“Eric even gave the money that he earned from commercials that he filmed on his own as allowance to the other members,” said Lee Min Woo, surprising everyone on the set.

When asked about why he did that, Eric replied, “Whenever people said, ‘How long do you think Shinhwa will last?’ I refused to give up and worked even harder.”Meanwhile, Teen Top’s Chunji, 100%’s Min Woo, and Stellar’s Hyo Eun appeared as surprise guests to make their CEOs, Andy and Eric, suffer by revealing behind-the-scenes stories.Chunji complained that Andy promised to buy the team meat, but never came through, making Andy explain that he remembered the time Shinhwa once ate 32 servings of meat before.

Chunji and Lee Min Woo will also showcase Shinhwa’s Wild Eyes and T.O.P together on the show.

The episode aired  June 17.

Photo Credit: Mnet

During the recording, MC Tak Jae Hoon said, “After Eric made it big as an actor, I didn’t think he would come back to being a singer.” 
It’s very common for most to be easily consumed by fame, money and power when everything is at your grasp. People tend to quickly forget others, how they started and will only think about themselves. It’s an easy route to becoming greedy. That’s one thing that sets Eric-nim apart. He is one among very few who thinks otherwise because he values his members so much. He did not forget the members were already there when he started, way before he hit it big as an actor. He knows without his members and w/o Shinhwa, he would not have achieved so many and would not be where he is today. We ♥♥♥ u Leader-nim.



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