Shinhwa′s Eric Says Marriage is a Difficult Thing

CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, KyungNam
Translation Credit : Erika Kim  

Following a bout from Kim Dong Wan, Eric also got talking about marriage, but he opened up about how he realized marriage won′t be easy.

Shinhwa appeared on the June 17 broadcast of Mnet′s The Beatles Code 2.


Out of the six Shinhwa members, Kim Dong Wan chose himself and Eric as the members he thinks will get married first.

Eric commented, “I was the first one to start serving my military duties too. I think if I get married first, everyone will follow in order. I′m the oldest in this group too.”

He said he′s not seeing anyone but that he has been keeping his eyes on someone, and said, “I used to think marriage would be simple when I was younger, but now that it′s really time for me to do it, it′s become more complicated.”

This day′s episode of The Beatles Code 2 also featured Stellar′s Hyo Eun, Teen Top′s Chunji and 100%′s Min Woo.

Photo credit: Mnet

Of course, his mindset has become more realistic and mature than when he was in his 20s so I understand why he’s saying its difficult. He’s become more serious about matters like this. But nah, don’t believe u Eric-nim if u get married first everyone will follow in order. Entering military wasn’t accrdng to age, Minwoo was the last to do so. I also don’t think he’ll be the first to get married as he seems really cautious but mahn I’m curious to who he’s setting his eyes on…

And I’ve always believe marriage isn’t something one should rush into. It’s a very serious matter, there’s a real lot of things to consider. Besides, nowadays men don’t get married early, in their 30s. Things have really changed unlike before where people get married easily in their 20s and 30s w/o thinking.


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