Tony Finds Out the Real Reason Why He was Chosen for H.O.T Over Shinhwa’s Andy

CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

It’s no secret that Shinhwa’s Andy was preparing to debut as a H.O.T member, but it turns out that there’s more to this story than what was revealed.In a recent recording of QTV’s 20th Century Boys, Tony began talking about how he became a H.O.T member.

“Andy and I went to audition after seeing a newspaper ad saying, ‘We’re looking for a star,’” said Tony. They were able to pass the audition and became trainees, but then came the issue of which person would be put into H.O.T.Sharing the well-known story, Tony added, “The company liked Andy more, but because he was still young, it was decided he go to the next time, so I became a member.”

But the twist in the story was not yet over.

“There’s actually something that we haven’t mentioned yet,” said former H.O.T leader Moon Hee Jun. “Truthfully, the company came to us and told us to choose between Tony and Andy. All the members chose Tony.”

Moon Hee Jun later hilariously added, “Don’t tell Andy.”

Meanwhile, the other first generation stars also revealed how they became members of idol groups in the past.

The episode will air on June 18.

Photo Credit: QTV

I should say it was a good decision when they decided not to choose Andy. I have to thank as well that he was too young then to debut. Because if he was at the right age then, we would not have the best and cutest maknae ever for Shinhwa today. Andy was simply meant to be with his weird 5 year old Shinhwa hyungs. 

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