Lee Chung-ah’s kiss with Jung Il-woo on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Lee Chung Ah and Jung Il Woo drove fans crazy with their public kiss in tvN’s Flower Boy Ramen Shop in 2011, but the actress revealed that the scene was actually not as romantic as it appeared.

On SBS’ Strong Heart on July 24, Lee Chung Ah talked about the bad luck that comes when working with flower boy actors.

During Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Lee Chung Ah said there was an important kiss scene where Jung Il Woo fiercely pulls her in and kisses her, but he executed the action with so much force that his teeth actually cut her lips and she started bleeding.

“I started seeing stars while kissing,” said the actress. “I could taste the blood, but because the cameras were rolling, I didn’t stop the filming, but afterwards, I saw that blood was running down my teeth.”

Lee Chung Ah later talked about her bad luck working with Jung Woo Sung in the movie The Good, The Bad, The Weird, where all of her scenes were edited except for a mere 48 seconds.

Here’s my take on this: 

I was omhygeeing when I first saw this Ep. 10 kiss because it was so intense, I mean the way Jung Ilwoo kissed her because she didn’t kiss back. But I didn’t know it was so intense it became a bloody kiss cause her lips got cut when Ilwoo’s teeth ran through it. But hey, if that was me I wouldn’t mind LOL!!! Besides it’s just a minor cut, he didn’t do it intentionally. 

I’ve always thought that Lee Chung-ah is very lucky cause she always has handsome co-stars since I saw her with Kang Dongwon in Temptation of Wolves and Jo Hansun and with Jung Ilwoo and Lee Kiwoo for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. However, she says she’s had badluck with flower boys she’s worked with, yet she’s still very lucky. 

LOL with shrieking fans at the background. Seeing the filming of the kiss makes it more real to me. I like the way he laughs oh my ♥ 🙂


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