Eusha Eusha Cafe & Diner Shinhwa posters

I couldn’t resist the urge to take photos of the framed Shinhwa posters displayed all over the shop. Well I actually wanted to take photos of me with the posters but it will take much of my time so I just took photos of them individually.

Here are the awesome posters. Would have been nice if they could give away one. Hehe!

Shinhwa MBC Greatest Artist Collection and 2001 First Live Concert

Hyesungie’s Beginning, New Days album, Jinnie’s Love Doesn’t Come and Andy’s Propose

I went OMG when I saw this poster. It’s the most coveted Shinhwa Wild poster.

Shinhwa palms

Only One – 3rd jib

Shinhwa Vol. 9 on the right and Inspiration #1 Japanese album

Inspiration #1 and 10th Anniversary poster

State of the Art and Winter Story 2007

Music Video Collection and CF poster with Moon Geun-young

10th Anniv jib poster. The only time Hyesung is with a mustache. He looks good though.

State of the Art in Seoul poster

This is from the Turkey photobook. Forgot the title though

Brand New Vol. 7

I don’t like Minwoo’s hairstyle here. It’s too mature for him. Hyesung and Jinnie with quite long hair. Hyesungie is so pretty though.

Kim Dongwan is… album

I don’t where this poster is from. Probably Explore M.

I think Eric’s is from a CF. I wanted to move the box but they might scold me for doing so

Minwoo’s Girlfriend album poster. I love this it’s so big and beautiful

I love this too. Dongwan is so gorgeous. Love to put this on my front door.

Music Video Collection poster but this pic is also from State of the Art

Shinhwa Japan Tour 2005

I love this. I have the photobook of this from Vol. 9 10th Anniv album

2006 Asia Tour in Seoul

Dongwan and Eric. This was under the table so couldn’t capture it better


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