Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s Kanghyuk, Eunbi & Chisoo

Kanghyuk, Eunbi and Chisoo portrayed by Lee Kiwoo, Lee Chungah and Jung Ilwoo

Kanghyuk, Eunbi & Chisoo, one of the most beautiful Kdrama trios ever.  this official teaser photo

This is the only drama where I didn’t have to hate or dislike the main guy because he’s a jerk. One example was Gu Junpyo in BOF. Chisoo and Junpyo have some similarities but Chisoo is more real to me than Jun-pyo and he’s more lovable, there’s the kulit factor. Not intentionally comparing or dissing Lee Minho who happens to be Jung Ilwoo’s bff, but apart from the character acting wise, Jung Ilwoo wins!!! 

I usually like the main guy, though there were instances that I was rooting for the third wheel. But this time again, I went for the main guy Chisoo but I can’t help but like Kanghyuk as well. It’s both a win-win situation whoever she ends up with unlike other dramas that you’d totally hate it when she ends up with the other. I’d still be happy even if she ended up with Kanghyuk. I like that they happen to be half-brothers too, they do have some resemblance to each other.


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