More photos – Shinhwa flower stands at the concert and others

That cartoon image is Dydy from the March Seoul concert

Flower stands for Shinhwa Wings: Dongwan and Hyesung

Another Sungie flower stand

Shinhwa and Dydy flower stands

Flower stand from Hyesungie’s HK Fanclub

Flower stand for the one and only Crab Little Prince from HK-HS. I have a fanmade fan with the same photo on this from Roygen fansign last April 20.

I look bad here but at least I’m next to Crabbie. Hehe

Selca time with ate Flor and Monica

With ate Grace

The Shinhwa staff guy that everyone’s been crushing over


Wild Shinhwa banner. Me and Monica also took a photo with this but she still has to spare time to upload it.


Ate Flor and ate Grace with SHS and Andy fanboards


From L-R: Cam, the Shinhwa staff, ate Flor, ate Grace, Marthana. I’m sorry I don’t know the name of the two girls.


Ate Flor and Nads


Me and the SHS fanboard and Hyesung HK fan. I’m actually more proud of the fan than to show my face LOL


Monica with Eric fanboard


Monica and me with our biases fanboards


Ate Flor and Monica

IMG_20130608_110512 IMG_20130608_143149

All the fan stuff that I got from the concert including gifts from ate Flor.

The epic fanboards handmade by ate Flor. I’m specially proud of these JJ and Eric fanboards as they were captured while I was holding them up by photographers from Asia World Club. I got the HS plastic fanboard from ate Lai, it’s so cute as it’s back to back. The other side shows Hyesung in his Angel gun dance.

This is the shot I’m referring to. Though our faces ( ate Flor and me) are not seen here but we’re just too happy that the fanboards got captured. :)) Weeeee!!! We are proud Changjos!!! (Photo from Asia World Club)


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