On a June Saturday Shinhwa Made Super Special (Part I-B)

Eusha Eusha Café & Diner

Eusha Eusha Cafe & Diner sign at Central. I really like the sign.

I was supposed to meet ate Grace but it was hard when the only way I could contact her was through payphone. She didn’t know what I was wearing and I didn’t know hers either. I couldn’t reach her from the first two payphone calls I made so I just ate lunch at a nearby Burger King because I was so hungry. So when she finally answered on my third call, we agreed to meet at Central Exit B but I heard wrongly and went to Exit D. Luckily she was there when I got to Central Exit D.

They were already at Eusha Eusha. Because I’m really thirsty, I ordered a ‘I Pray 4U’ shake which I think was some kind of apple shake and busied myself taking pictures of the framed posters displayed everywhere at the shop while everyone was chatting. Before we left, we took a group photo mimicking the oppas flower pose with the posters behind us. While busy taking photos, I noticed my pants got stained and because I didn’t have extra pants with me I had to buy. Luckily, there was a nearby tiyangge at Eusha so I bought two and slippers.

Eusha Eusha’s menu with names from Shinwha song. Adorable right?!


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