On a June Saturday Shinhwa Made Super Special (Part II-A)

Disappointment with the oppas

I went back to the hostel with ate Lai and we had dinner at Café de Coral. Food there is really good and affordable but the servings are really big. I wasn’t able to finish mine though but it was real good. Then we headed to the hostel to take some rest but after two hours, ate Lai knocked on my door and told me they were already at the airport to welcome the oppas arrival.

We couldn’t find the A21 bus stop going to the airport so I suggested we just take the MTR instead and take a bus at Tung Chung station to the airport. We were at Exit Hall A Terminal 1 at 9PM because we were expecting them to arrive at 10:30PM. And so the waiting game began.

There were a lot of fans already waiting outside Exit Hall A. I couldn’t find a good place to wait because everything with good views been occupied already. I just opted to stay at the walkway because I can easily see them there too. We waited and it was already past 10:30 but still no sight of the 6. Could the flight been delayed? But then we were seeing Korean flight attendants and Korean tourists coming out from a Korean Air flight. I thought that must be the flight they were in. Then all of a sudden, I heard screams and everyone was running toward the other side of the exit halls so I ran too. Imagine how big the airport is and running from one side to the other, I was really gasping when I reached the other side of exit halls. But then when I got there, some fans from Exit Hall A screamed again and everyone was running back to Exit Hall A.

Finally, we stayed at Exit Hall A and it was already 11PM but still no ShinOppas. I thought they already left and took the VIP exit because if they were really going through Exit Hall A, there should have been security already shoving us off but there was none. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t show up at the airport as it’s their first time in HK. I was expecting to see them that’s why I took the early flight and so I could go to Eusha Eusha too. And so I left the airport quite disappointed and because I couldn’t find ate Lai, I left alone.

I had a cup of coffee at a nearby McDo and went to our room after and took a rest for a very tiring day. I should regain and gather all my strength for tomorrow’s concert.


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