On a June Saturday Shinhwa Made Super Special (Part II-B)

D-Day Shinhwa Grand Tour The Classic in HK

My Shinhwa concert ticket with ate Flor and ate Grace’ tickets

I told myself I’ll be at Expo by 7am but didn’t manage to bring myself up that early as I was so tired the previous day. Nads and her friend came at our room and asked me, I told her they can go ahead. I left the hostel at almost 11am and had lunch again at McDo at a mall in Tung Chung. If there’s one thing noticeable about how different McDo menu is in HK and PH, it’s not just the whole menu but the servings. It was a huge breakfast meal that was too much for me. I sent an sms to ate Flor that she had to be at Expo before 4PM but surprisingly she’s already there. So I took the bus to Expo after eating.

Inside Asia Expo on my way to find ate Flor

I arrived at almost 12noon and I remembered the first time I was at Expo on Dec 2009 when I watched SS501’s HK concert at their 1st Asia Tour. Theirs was at the hall on the 2nd floor. Shinhwa’s concert was at the ground level, the biggest hall at the Expo.

Ate Flor was at the ground floor when I saw her as I came down from the 2nd floor. She was with ate Grace and other Changjos. It was nice to finally meet ate Flor and ate Grace. So it’s selca time with other Changjos with the Shinhwa XV Forever necklace banner as our backdrop. Ate Flor brought some Japanese food but I couldn’t eat much as I just ate at McDo. Had I known she’d be bringing food, I wouldn’t have ate at McDo and would have save $39 from there. I saw staff arranging boxes of the necklace but I didn’t see any other merchandise. Ate Flor told me there’s no other merchandise but the necklace alone. I was sad because I was really expecting the merchs from Liveworks. I’m all giddy to buy them but there wasn’t any. Fuuuuu!!!

Me, ate Flor, ate Grace and a mother and daughter Changjos posing with the Shinhwa Silver Necklace banner

Me with the banner. LOL

A few minutes later, Chinese fans were bringing in flower stands from various foreign Shinhwa Changjos so it’s another round of photo ops with the beautiful flower stands. I had to take a photo of almost every flower stand with me or at least a solo pic. I am that crazy! Well this time, taking pictures wasn’t as hard as ate Flor and others were with me. When it was time to queue for the necklace, Monica and I immediately went to line up. And while we were at the queue, Chinese fans were going crazy over the huge Shinhwa Wild banner. Everyone was taking photos with it. I wanted to run there and take photo with it but I couldn’t because the selling hasn’t started. So after buying the necklace, I asked ate Flor where the banner is and this tall lady, it was Cam who answered me but I was looking for ate Flor as I didn’t know her.

Me with the Wild Shinhwa huge banner that ate Lai made and brought. The Chinese fans went wild seeing this.

We couldn’t stay put outside the hall. There was so much going on for us. Me and Monica went around to gather all Shinhwa fans we could get. Haha! We even had to chase these two HongKong fans just to get the fans but what I didn’t understand is why they had to run and had us chasing them. Ate Flor and ate Grace was all busy doing the rounds at the whole Expo too. We got a lot and I completed the original OTP fans and one solo Hyesung fan!!! Weeee!!! Oh and ate Flor brought some of her handmade Shinhwa fanboards. We took photos with it but somehow, ate Flor didn’t post my photos with the fanboards. I’ve been looking for it.

Me and a Jinnie banner from international fans

It was almost time to queue for the mosh pit tickets but Marge hasn’t arrived. She was needed as her ticket is still with ate Grace and I also needed her to take care of my stuff as she’s seated. It was about 6PM and I think Marge arrived a little later just in time before we were allowed inside the concert hall. I didn’t have time to eat before we went inside. I just managed to change my Shinhwa shirt to the fanmade orange Shinhwa in HK shirt made with the kindness of ate Lai and Meg.

Inside the hall. Seeing the Shinhwa Grand Tour The Classic in HongKong on the screen is love

And so we’re inside the hall now. The venue is bigger than I expected. It’s my first time at the mosh pit area. I just wanted to try it and see how it feels to be standing for more than 2 hours. I can say the right mosh pit is a very lucky side. As always, the concert starts with an opening VCR but mahn it was so great. Just like they said, it’s 3D!!! Holy amazing! Then the next thing, they were standing on top of the stairs with their cloak. That cloak, they used that at the 15th Anniversary in Seoul concert. Kyaaaa!!! And so everyone was screaming so hard already and my usual shy self was immediately tossed to a corner. I was so hyper, 100% of energy to be screaming, chanting, dancing, holding up the light stick and balloon and the fan boards once in a while and to top that taking few fancams in between.

It’s starting…

They took of the cloak and the first thing I saw was Hyesungie in sleeveless!!! OMG I was just so happy that his outfit wasn’t any different from the five this time and that he’s actually showing some skin like for real! His arms is love and he also had some chest exposure though not as big as the other members though. Haha! But I was just too happy seeing him with all these chest and arms exposure all throughout the concert. It’s not very often that I see him showing some skin or even his arms, he didn’t do that during the March Seoul concert. So HK is very lucky to have a sight of his sexy arms. I was expecting he got slimmer because when he was going to MuBank the week before, he was wearing this Saturday shirt though still very gorgeous I thought he lose some weight. But when I saw him at the concert, he didn’t look like he lost weight. Anyway, chest and arms exposure of Pil-gyo. I love you!

During the first VCR.

Even fangirling needs multi-tasking especially if you’re at a concert. I only took three fancams because I especially don’t like to be distracting myself from them just because I’m focusing on my fancams. I did took a fancam of the second VCR while they were changing, the one where Hyesungie and Dongwan were teaching us the choreography of Stay and performance of Love Song from The Classic album. These are some of my favorite highlights of the concert especially them teaching us how to dance Stay. I was really dancing. I really didn’t care. Ate Flor and I were too full of ourselves to even mind. Love Song was also special as they keep going to our side during the performance and we went crazy there!

I also especially like that they’re all in such a good mood. Dongwan was extra hyper, he’s so naughty. He’s touching Dydy’s butt and chili while the other members were talking. Dongwan also prepared something in Chinese to say to Chinese fans and then Hyesungie borrowed the paper and said the same thing. LOL!!! It was actually the Chinese version to “ My thoughts, your thoughts are the same.” But the way they both said it in Chinese was totally adorable. There weren’t any RicSung moments though aside from the hand holding during encore stage but its okay.

And oh, I super love that they performed This Love and Venus back to back. I so love it!!! Although I expected they’d perform This Love at the extended stage because if that is so ShinButts would have been right in front of my face. LOL! I’d be seeing their backs but so I would see the back view of triangle crotch dance. Anyway, it was still amazing especially because it’s in HK that they performed This Love first and not in Seoul. They also performed for the first time in HK other songs from 11th jib that hasn’t been performed in Seoul such as New Me, Love Song, The Man That I Know and That’s Right. They sang about half of the 10 songs from 11th jib.

I won’t be detailing every part of the concert and every performance because that’s too many and I get all jumbled up with all the songs. But I remember TOP wasn’t the opening song. If I’m not wrong it was Sharing Forever from the 1st album. The first outfit, the sleeveless and chest revealing outfit, I think it was the first time they wore that one. I especially like it, it’s sexy!

Minwoo, Dongwan and Andy during encore

Eric, Jinnie, Minwoo and Dongwan. Look at kid Eric being his real kid self again with that orange balloon crown

Minwoo, Eric and Dongwan. Not so clear though. It’s hard to concentrate yah know. Haha!

Encore part is always special too; I love the splashing of water of the members to each other and to the fans. Minwoo was asking us fans from the right mosh pit if it’s okay to splash water to us and when he did, it went right to my face and shoulder. I almost swallowed Minwoo’s water. Imagine if I swallowed it, wahhh Minwoo feels. Eric came out wearing this orange balloon made crown with stars design. Hyesungie even did his trademark round house kick with a pororo stuff toy Minwoo placed on his head. I just love the encore outfit too. They were wearing the black Shinhwa landmark shirt and knee length white and black pants printed with “Boy.” Minwoo was the only one not wearing the black Shinhwa shirt; instead he was wearing this white tank top with Boy prints and placed the black shirt on top of it.

Dydy!!! He’s looking at us at the right mosh pit. He’s always so cute.

Dongwan, Dydy holding hands and that’s my Crabbie there on the left

But it saddened me a tiny bit when they didn’t perform First Love again and Wild Eyes. They made Wild Eyes part of the encore songs. Wild Eyes is simply one of my favorite songs and choreography and I just purely love watching it live. Nevertheless, being at Shinhwa concert for the second time is always a pure genius and it’s always been my source of happiness, motivation and my very own happy world.

Shinhwa bow of thank you to us the fans. Aww! :))

The concert ended at 10:30 so it was 2 hours and 30 minutes. It was a long concert but I just wanted more. However, I know I can’t ask them to be doing a concert for five hours long. I don’t want them to overwork themselves too and fans would get tired as well.

Hwang Bo outside the hall. She’s a good friend of Shinhwa oppas

Hangover and aftereffects

Monica and I planned to wait outside the concert hall because we think they’re still inside and then we saw Hwang Bo and Jinnie’s manager outside the hall exit. And then the guards started to shoo us away so we had no choice but to leave. I didn’t get a dinner but I only felt hungry after the concert. As we are on the way to go back to the hostel, the body pain and throat pain is already evident. My shoulder and my hands were aching and so are my legs and my throat. I was expecting I would have no voice the next day.

At the hostel, I couldn’t even manage to lie down despite my tiredness. I just found out the hostel has free internet use for tourists. I really wanted to go online as I’m excited to see my photos and fancams but I didn’t see my 3 fancams so I thought it’s just gone and so are my other pics. The thing is the camera has a problem. I was hungry but then it rained so I couldn’t get out to buy and I didn’t want my feet to get wet. I waited till the rain stopped so I just continued on Facebook. I went down and bought a big Nissin cup noodles and ate my late dinner at around past 3am. Finally I was able to sleep at 4am and to think that I’m already so tired from the concert which means I still have that much energy to stay up that late.


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