On a June Saturday Shinhwa Made Super Special (Part III)


Me and my good friend Tina. It’s the first time seeing each other since we graduated high school. She’s one of my closest friends as I’ve known her during grade school.

Meeting good friend Tina

The next day, I wanted to wake up early but I just can’t. I waited for my roommates to be done before I got out of bed. I was on my way to meet Marge and Tina at Tsuen Wan so I could get ate Flor’s stuff and give it to Tina. It was already 11am and when I got off Tsuen Wan, I think I got so happy to see Tina again since we graduated high school that I forgot we were supposed to wait for Marge. And because I was hungry, we went to eat and ended up at KFC. We had conversations about so many things even though we just met again for the first time, it sounded like we still know each other very well.

We were waiting for Marge but then we think she fell asleep. She gave the address but we couldn’t find although we were at the right street. I was carrying my heavy bag because I will be staying at Marge’s hotel and I remember Tina tried to carry it and told me it’s heavier than me. Haha! It was raining and we didn’t know what happened to Marge. We kept going back and forth inside the mall. Finally we found it when she replied and Tina asked a local.

That almost encounter with Dongwan & Taehak

At Tsim Sha Tsui

We went out for some walk and shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui and Victoria Harbour. Tina couldn’t have dinner with us as she had curfew at 9pm. We had dinner at Yoshinoya and When Marge and I got back at the hotel, we found out Dongwan was with Taehak that same afternoon and went to the same place, that luxurious street in Tsim Sha Tsui. If we were only a bit earlier there, we would have probably bumped into Dongwan and Taehak. Minwoo also went to Victoria Harbour and took a photo at that very same stairs near the Clock Tower, but it looks like he went in the morning as it wasn’t crowded. I was cursing myself inside, even though seeing Minwoo was quite slim because he went during morning but Dongwan’s encounter with us was so close.

The Clock Tower at Victoria Harbour

The beautiful lights and view at Victoria Harbour

I don’t want to leave and go back

The dragon chandelier at Silka Far East Hotel


The next day was our flight back to Clark. I managed to only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep. We were just right on time for our flight but we didn’t have much time to eat. I didn’t have time to return the Octopus card. I went back to Popeye’s to eat but I felt sorry couldn’t finish the macaroni soup because it was big.

When I reached the boarding gate, I didn’t even get the chance to sit down and enjoy the airport before boarding because the plane is already having its final call. There is this feeling of I don’t want to go back to Manila again everytime I go overseas.

Well here goes a very long fan account of my second Shinhwa concert and my second HK trip. I’m thankful to Kennedy who always lends me his card, to ate Grace who shouldered my concert ticket at first and just paid her when I arrived and to ate Lai. If there’s one thing I’m very sure about, I’ve enjoyed a lot more this time than my first HK trip and my first Shinhwa concert.






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