On a June Saturday Shinhwa Made Super Special (Part I-A)

At the Clark International Airport

Nice to see you again HK

If my previous Shinhwa fangirling travel post was titled ‘On a Saturday Shinhwa Made Extraordinary,’ this time I made some changes. Instead of made extraordinary, now I made it super special which means something special has become a lot more special because of them.

It took me just today to finally be able to write about Shinhwa Grand Tour The Classic in HongKong. I couldn’t find time to sit down and do it when I arrived as I got busy with laundry and stuff. Add to that was because I was tired, I wanted sleep but didn’t manage to sleep after arriving. When I went to work, Thursday 13th June I was busy with deadline. Now that production is over for the month, there’s nothing else to do so this is the best time to do it.

Arrived at HongKong International Airport. Nice to see you again HK!

Before the HK stop was made official, I thought I’d be going Singapore again. If they went Singapore and not HK, it would have been my third time there. It was nice to go back to HK this time, as the first time I visited was during my first solo overseas trip on Dec. 2009. Well this time, I flew by myself again but I had some friends when I got there and during the concert, so things were quite different this time unlike last time that I was totally by myself.

What made this Shinhwa HK stop more fun than my first HK with SS501 concert and my first Shinhwa concert in Singapore was meeting new friends there, from Indonesia, Cebu and finally meeting ate Flor and ate Grace. I guess one big reason why I’m a lot happier this time was because I didn’t have to stay at my brother’s place in Singapore and have another argument with him that would tinge my good mood for that day. I didn’t have to think that I might disturb or worry other people for getting home so late because he’s not around to make a fuss about it.

The Classic in HK was the best way to celebrate Shinhwa’s 15th anniversary and my 1st anniversary as a Shinhwa Changjo ( Shinhwa’s official fanclub name). I actually considered going to Taipei but then the visa requirement is additional hassle. Plus it has a fee, though I would have more time to earn more pocket money. However, considering the recent issue between the Philippines and Taipei, I thought it wasn’t a good time to go there. But now, it seems the issue has totally went down and it’s okay to go. One problem, I don’t have time to source funds that fast when there’s only less than a month left when I arrived from the HK concert. It wasn’t quite possible to make it to Taipei.

I had to lie about the real reason of going to HK because knowing my mother, she would definitely comment and I didn’t want to hear it. No one and nothing was able to stop me. I’m going and when I say I’m going, I’m definitely going. I worked hard for it and I deserved it. I prayed hard for it and God gave it to me again so I’m very thankful.

And so I left Manila on an early Friday morning and took a bus at Trinoma Clark Airport Lounge. I only had 2 hours of sleep and got up to be on time for the 3:00am bus to Clark Airport. I was pretty early. I arrived at Clark at 4:30am and immediately went inside to immigration and paid the stupid taxes and fees. I had breakfast there had coffee and ate a sandwich that I brought. I think I waited for an hour before boarding time. There was so much time and I was so bored as I didn’t have my laptop with me. The airport is quite small but there weren’t a lot of people so everything was quite faster.

It was boarding time 15mins before 7:05am. I got in the plane but as usual can’t sleep. I don’t really get to sleep on a flight. I was seated next to a mother and daughter. The adult daughter gave me a Jollibee sandwich and she asked me if I work there. I told her no, I was just going to watch something. Then she said, she thought I’m a student. Haha! I’m always mistaken as a student. And so I arrived HK at 9:00am and called ate Flor but she wasn’t answering but ate Grace answered. I took the bus to Mongkok to drop my bag and take a shower at the hostel. However, it wasn’t easy finding the hostel. It took me probably an hour going back and forth Argyle St. but couldn’t see it. I was so tired and sweaty, my shoulders are in pain. Finally saw it when I asked a man in front of 7-eleven and pointed the building in front of me. It was freaking right there!!! But because the sign was so small, it was so hard to find. I took a shower and had change of clothes and that’s when I realized I forgot so many. I forgot slippers, towel, an extra pants and soap.


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