The reason why I hate hanging around on TW sometimes…

The article above about Won Bin and Lee Nayoung confirmed to be dating is related to what I’ll be saying or whining about. It just totally pisses me off.

Mahn, this is why I hate hanging around TW sometimes. Fans are just simply overreacting, creating ridiculous assumptions about this and that and creating panic to everyone. Why are you like that?! >.<

There’s a big difference between dating and marriage, Won Bin here is confirmed to be dating Lee Nayoung but did it say he has intentions to marry already? No. Dating isn’t synonymous to getting married. Besides, not even the persons involve know if their relationship this time is going to be a potential marrying type.

Why can’t some just relax and let things take its natural course. Besides we’re not in the position to tell them to do so more so dictate them to do this and that. We should not be rushing them to do things especially on very serious matters. Please, we should let them take it slow and surely and not push them to rush things although I know they themselves know that I’m sure. It’s just plain annoying.


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