That Winter, The Wind Blows, another of Jo In-sung best

That Winter, The Wind Blows

Jo In-sung and Song Hye-kyo in the lead roles as Oh Soo ( Xander Oh in its Phil premiere) and as Oh Young (Oh Yoona)

That Winter, The Wind Blows topbilled by Jo In-sung and Song Hye-kyo made it’s premiere episode on ABS CBN last night replacing the just concluded Missing You last Friday.

Missing You was such a big disappointment to me. I watched because I heard it was good and because I like Yoon Eun-hye but then it failed me big time. It started good but lost its focus during the middle and continued its out of focus storyline till the last episode.

I have higher expectations for this one mostly because it’s Jo In-sung. ‎#MemoriesofBali is a big testament of how he is one of the most skilled Korean actors. It’s still one of the most shocking Kdramas ever, one of the best too.

As for Song Hye-kyo, I’m still not convinced with her acting skills since most of her roles are either a hopeless woman, sick woman, damsel in distress; but we’ll see her role in this still as a hopeless woman though but since she’s blind it’s more challenging so hope she delivers.

Chemistry wise, they have chemistry definitely. I still feel bad about the almost Jo In-sung * Ha Ji-won reunion drama. So at least, he chose a good one.

Oemgee, what a beautiful long trailer. The cinematography and the scenes in this trailer are daebak.

One big reason why I’m more drawn to this than Love Me Not is because of the lead actors and the chemistry. Love Me Not just doesn’t have it with its lead roles despite having Moon Geun-young.

I’m sure there are changes the writers made to this one as compared to Love Me Not. The character of the guy in the movie and Jo In-sung’s are a bit different. The guy from the movie lives off with money from rich girls but In-sung’s character lives off by gambling. Then the guy from the movie gets this huge debt due to his hasty business expansion while In-sung’s character’s debt wasn’t due to a business expansion. I’m sure there will be more changes other than these.


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