Naruto and his parents

 Kushina and Naruto

Minato and Naruto

And so I was listening to Joe Inoue’s Closer opening theme of Naruto Shippuden when I saw this from the related vids.

I was like oemgee,ang ganda pala ng mom ni Naruto. I already know his dad is the 4th Hokage but I didn’t know who his mother was. Both his parents were extra special like him starting from their hair color. I cracked up when his mom Kushina said, “When you put the Yellow Flash of the Leaf (Minato) and Red Hot Habanero (Kushina) together…” Naruto answered, “You get the Leaf’s Orange Hokage!” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ( Orange has been such a strong presence with me even before I got into Shinhwa. Okay I’ll stop connecting Naruto’s fave orange outfit and calling himself Orange Hokage to Shinhwa)

I can’t help but smile while he’s going “kilig” listening to his mom telling him about their love story. His parents are so cute when they were academy students.  He’s got beautiful and extremely multi-talented parents.

It’s such a teary moment for him finally meeting his parents, this one to his mom (Naruto vs Kyuubi) and another to his dad ( Naruto vs Pain). His mom is violent LOL kinda like Sakura.

I’ve always thought Naruto is much like Harry. Both orphans when they were babies and grew up suffering strong animosity from people. Even both of their parents dying for them in different ways but same purpose. Oh and close friends, Naruto has Sasuke and Sakura with some sort of love triangle in between. Harry has Hermione and Ron and a bit of love triangle at first too. I love the similarities though.


‘Sana Dati’ : All the things in a day


It was first time watching a Cinemalaya movie by Jerrold Tarog. ( I watched on Aug.4, Sunday). I hate myself for missing the first 15 mins of the movie. It’s wonderful, I love it!!! I would really want to watch it again at the big screen if only there’s a regular run. 😦

I like how the story spins around almost all during the wedding. Just a few scenes were on a different day after the wedding. And since I didn’t watch the first two, I didn’t know what to expect and the synopsis was too brief.

So the whole story unravels when Dennis (Paulo Avelino) comes to cover the wedding of Andrea (Lovi Poe). For me watching the movie felt like I was listening to a close friend’s story. It’s something one can see any day to anyone. It’s so real.

I love the music too. If only there’s an OST which I don’t really expect much to be released though and the ending song is beautiful. It doesn’t sound OPM to me, sort of like alternative rock.

And I love the scenes and the shots. They seem pretty simple but the way the subjects are captured are wonderful. I’m no expert at camera technicalities, one good example was the scene of a flower vase with a wilted flower at the shop speaks value to the story even though at first you might not understand the relevance but you feel there is.

Oh before I forget, I find Benjamin Alves (Andrew) so charming and good looking. Inititally, I also felt like there was an implied angle with Andrea and Dennis but maybe it’s just me. The movie was wonderfully 1 hour 30mins only.

Here’s Up Dharma Down’s “Indak” also featured in the film and the ending and trailer song Archipelago’s “MRI.” .