Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage



Found out today that Murakami’s new book “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” published just this April will be translated in English first half next year as I was reading an Inquirer article about him being a favorite for Nobel Prize.

According to, “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” is a story of Tsukuru, who was a part of a group of five high school best friends. They were all in a high school in Nagoya, two girls and three boys. They were inseparable. Four kids out of five had a color in their names. Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, Miss White and Miss Black. Tsukuru’s last name is Tazaki – a relatively normal family name without any color in it -hence, he is “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki”.

I’m serious I’m going to like this one. Kinda reminds me of Norwegian Wood too but still very much different. I haven’t read 1Q84 and I don’t know if I’ll ever read it. I still remember how Paolo, my college classmate recommended me Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World but I ended up buying Norwegian Wood.

I especially like this quote too.  When he quotes, it just hits you.

“Then finally he was able to accept everything. Tsukuru Tazaki understood it at the bottom of his soul. People’s hearts are not linked only by harmonies. Rather, they are connected deeply by scars and scars. Tied by pains, and by vulnerabilities.”

— Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage – Haruki Murakami


In the world of books at the Manila International Book Fair

34th Manila International Book Fair

SMX Convention Center


I started reading English fiction novels during high school with Harry Potter and the Sorcere’s Stone.  Reason why Harry Potter is such an influential literary figure to me as it was the first ever fiction I’ve read. Most of the book I like came from the influence of my third older brother who shares the same interest in books. He recommends me books and most of the time I get to know new titles from him. However, I’m not really the type to buy new books every month or week. I’m really picky when it comes to books as I don’t want to waste money with a book I won’t like.  I may not have a huge collection of books but I treasure the ones I’ve collected so far.

I don’t really go to book fairs too, this was my first time. It’s something I can write about so I decided to go. And upon seeing that the MIBF has some events too like workshops, I got more interested. I would have wanted to attend like 4 or 5 forum/workshops but the others have fees. For the first time again since the last writing workshop I had for free with Rhea, I managed to attend Lampara’s first Children’s Writing Workshop. I had fun with the speakers and it was nice to learn something new, though I have never written any children’s story.

A children’s story is not as simple as it seem.  One of the speakers said that not because it’s a children’s story you always have to choose the usual and that you also need to think outside the box.  One should make the kids be the main character and not just simply wallflowers in the story just like Harry Potter. Harry and friends we’re mostly seen on their own not getting help from their parents.

I was happy to find out that they provided certificates as that is what I’m after too and they provided snacks too. I  also took home a give-away but I later found out they actually gave a catalogue though there were 2 GCs. 🙂

During the Q&A, Lampara’s publisher mentioned about translating Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight into Filipino. He said he was fine with them in Tagalog but others seem to cringe at the sight of these novels in Filipino. I admit, I’m one of those who wondered why they have to translate the books in Filipino. But then maybe they wanted to make it more understandable especially for kids who are not so accustomed with English.

After the workshop, I went back to the fair and finally bought Shin Kyung-sook’s Please Look After Mother.  I’m not familiar with the author but I think the fact that she’s Korean attracted me to it. I first saw the book on Wednesday at Fully Booked’s booth and read the synopsis. Well it’s not a love story of a couple but I find it really interesting.  It’s about a family dealing with the disappearance of their mother and along the course of finding her, the grown-up children find out things they never knew about their mother. So I came back after the workshop and bought it.

I also bought a local made comics from Black Ink Comics at Precious Pages booth. It is so much like a manga, I mean the illustration just that it’s very short and a 3 story in 1 type.  I did like reading it but then since it’s just really short I quickly finished it. It was a feel good and sweet (3) stories but I hope they can make it longer though, something that would be as long as a manga volume.

And yes, I bought two children’s book: My Father, the Shape Shifter and Tuwing Sabado. I also got one from Psicom publishing, another local made chic-lit 14 Sundays, the classic Christmas Carol and Little Pink Book on Gab which is sort of like a guide book for girls on their speech manners.

This Diary ng Panget is such a trend in local lit right now. Nung una akala ko, manga paano ba naman ang cover manga style eh hindi pala. But Psicom actually has a Filipino language manga but of course, illustration is very much Japanese.

Manga/anime magazines, learn to speak and write Japanese and how to draw manga are so much cheaper here than buying at Fully Booked.

This is another creative booth. Dr. Seuss

Tahanan Publishing wins the best booth for me. It’s so pretty parang fiesta. It’s like Pahiyas Fiesta here.

At the Lampara Writing Workshop Meeting Rm 8, SMX Convention 2nd Flr

At the Lampara Writing Workshop Meeting Rm 8, SMX Convention 2nd Flr

Food for the day: Chicken satay and morning glory

Naruto 5: Blood Prison

I rate this higher than Lost Tower. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Namikaze Minato

Minato: Yondaime Hokage (The 4th) appearing in Naruto’s thoughts when asked by Mui why he’s loyal to his village.

Highly interesting storyline than Lost Tower. Imagine, they locked up Naruto in Hōzukijō, a criminal containment facility, also known as the “Blood Prison.” ( PS: Again, Blood Prison makes me think of Azkaban Prison).

His being locked away especially during his confinement at the punishment room for starting a brawl with Mui, the prison head is a big test of his abilities. He had no one else to help him and despite being under an imprisonment technique preventing him from moulding chakra, he could still create a bunshin and even Rasengan when Mui captured him to extract his immense chakra to open the box. Though he says, he isn’t smart but really Naruto being able to think of gathering natural energy from outside the prison so he could transform into Sage Mode.

However, there’s one thing that totally made me frown. While Naruto was lying bleeding after being struck with Satori’s claw [makes me think of Minato & Kushina when they were both struck by Kyuubi to save Naruto. Sob. ], Tsunade and everyone else were so busy preventing the inmates from escaping and admiring the floating fire lights. I mean like hello people, Naruto is bleeding there.  Now, I think Minato & Kushina could have been both saved if Minato didn’t place a barrier while sealing Kyuubi into Naruto. Makes me sad.

Naruto 4: The Lost Tower


I’ll cut to the chaste but there’s one thing I totally like here, Naruto meeting Minato when Minato isn’t a Hokage yet and Naruto isn’t even born. Uhm, well Minato might already have been married to Kushina by then but she isn’t pregnant with Naruto just yet. During the ending credits, Minato is shown having a game of cards with Jiraiya and a pregnant Kushina watching them play.

Minato was surprised when he saw Naruto doing Rasengan and before Naruto and Yamato went back, Minato and Naruto had a quick talk but they didn’t have much time. Before they disappeared to go back to the present, Minato whispered something like aishiteru to Naruto. [ Naiiyak ako!  ]

I find it amusing that, the dads and sons have the same syllable on the first or third syllable like Minato – Naruto, Choza – Choji, Shibi – Shino. Hahaha! Just that Naruto isn’t using Minato’s surname Namikaze, he would have been called Namikaze Naruto. Hmm… Still sounds good though cause I really like Minato’s name Namikaze Minato.