Naruto 4: The Lost Tower


I’ll cut to the chaste but there’s one thing I totally like here, Naruto meeting Minato when Minato isn’t a Hokage yet and Naruto isn’t even born. Uhm, well Minato might already have been married to Kushina by then but she isn’t pregnant with Naruto just yet. During the ending credits, Minato is shown having a game of cards with Jiraiya and a pregnant Kushina watching them play.

Minato was surprised when he saw Naruto doing Rasengan and before Naruto and Yamato went back, Minato and Naruto had a quick talk but they didn’t have much time. Before they disappeared to go back to the present, Minato whispered something like aishiteru to Naruto. [ Naiiyak ako!  ]

I find it amusing that, the dads and sons have the same syllable on the first or third syllable like Minato – Naruto, Choza – Choji, Shibi – Shino. Hahaha! Just that Naruto isn’t using Minato’s surname Namikaze, he would have been called Namikaze Naruto. Hmm… Still sounds good though cause I really like Minato’s name Namikaze Minato.


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