Naruto 5: Blood Prison

I rate this higher than Lost Tower. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Namikaze Minato

Minato: Yondaime Hokage (The 4th) appearing in Naruto’s thoughts when asked by Mui why he’s loyal to his village.

Highly interesting storyline than Lost Tower. Imagine, they locked up Naruto in Hōzukijō, a criminal containment facility, also known as the “Blood Prison.” ( PS: Again, Blood Prison makes me think of Azkaban Prison).

His being locked away especially during his confinement at the punishment room for starting a brawl with Mui, the prison head is a big test of his abilities. He had no one else to help him and despite being under an imprisonment technique preventing him from moulding chakra, he could still create a bunshin and even Rasengan when Mui captured him to extract his immense chakra to open the box. Though he says, he isn’t smart but really Naruto being able to think of gathering natural energy from outside the prison so he could transform into Sage Mode.

However, there’s one thing that totally made me frown. While Naruto was lying bleeding after being struck with Satori’s claw [makes me think of Minato & Kushina when they were both struck by Kyuubi to save Naruto. Sob. ], Tsunade and everyone else were so busy preventing the inmates from escaping and admiring the floating fire lights. I mean like hello people, Naruto is bleeding there.  Now, I think Minato & Kushina could have been both saved if Minato didn’t place a barrier while sealing Kyuubi into Naruto. Makes me sad.


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