Christmas dinner treat with the editorial team

I’m posting my last minute blog post for the year and for the month.

It took me (9) months to finally be able to give a treat to the editorial team on Dec.19 with my editor (girl in black) and our senior and junior graphic and lay-out artists Kuya Oliver and Ate Jube. I treated them to one of my favorite Korean restaurants as they haven’t tried the authentic Korean cuisine yet. I’m glad to hear the day after that they enjoyed the meal despite feeling really heavy.

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I consider my work with them as one of the best blessings I’ve had this year. I love this work in all honesty, despite some shortcomings in terms of pay. I get to go to events and learn new things, I get to read a lot too. They’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with since I started working.

I’m not sure how long will I stay with the team and the company. I have plans this coming year and hope to really clinch it this time to further help my Mom and hopefully to start my dream masteral studies. In any case, it was a wonderful year to share with these good people who taught me some things and guided me in the company.

Happy New Year everyone!!! And I’m really thankful for God for this year and for the good people and experiences.

May everyone be blessed with a wonderful year ahead full with guidance and blessings from God. Full of laughs, smiles, good vibes, savings, more travel, humility,gratefullness, less stressors, good health and safety at all times.

As for me, I wish for myself the same things of laughs, smiles, positivity, of travel, savings, health, less stress, blessings, safety to me, my family and friends, new work environment overseas, and of course more Tom Hiddleston because he really makes me happy even though I haven’t seen him in person.



The First-borns

It says here first-borns are: perfectionist, leader, responsible, highly motivated, strong need for approval from people in charge. In my case, all these are not true.

The eldest is the most difficult person to get along to. He likes to blame others but himself. Everyone is at fault but himself. Can’t cook rice without burning it even when he’s just downstairs, leaves food and rice rotting, washes dishes lazily and just leaves them near the sink, can’t flush properly, wastes food, doesn’t like repeated food, selfish, shouts at people whenever feels like it, impatient, leaves keys when going out, disorganized, unrespectful, no initiative, no care for others, bossy, takes things without permission, irresponsible, always first when it comes to food, he only buys this and that for himself but never for the house. And he never listens. He always has a defense for himself.

I can say more but I wouldn’t be done here if I do.

I don’t know if it’s got to do with him being the pampered one. He had a nanny to cook for him even when he’s already in high school, while the rest of us didn’t. We didn’t ask for it either.

Everything he does stresses other people. So, I just stay away as much as possible. We’re not lucky with our eldest, honestly speaking. My Mom didn’t raise him that way. He created the way he is now.

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Birth order and personality: The last-borns

Birth order and personality

It says here last borns are: social, outgoing, financially irresponsible, manipulative, spoiled or babied to the point of helplessness. I’d have to really disagree. I don’t have most of these, at all.

Social, well that depends on the situation. Outgoing, yes in different forms like going out alone, seeing a movie alone, travelling overseas alone; still outgoing to me. Financially irresponsible, oh no!!!! I’m really the budget type of person and I note down my daily expenses.

Manipulative, definitely not. I get ordered around a lot, you do this, do that. Even when I’m not ordered around, I have no choice but to do chores because no one else will. Though sometimes, I do get help from one or two of them. And when they wanna talk trash, it’s as if I have no right to answer back; not because I don’t have a voice but just because they make it seem you have no choice but not to because you’re just the youngest. Or when they wanna pin you down, like saying, “Oh in a week or two, I think you’re gonna have your electricity cut off if you guys don’t straighten up.” And be happy if it happens.

Spoiled and babied to the point of helplessness. This is bollocks to me. I was never spoiled as a kid, as the youngest. I was never the pampered one and I never asked for it but I’m not complaining. I’m fine with what I am.

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Rurouni Kenshin 2-Part Sequel

Rurouni Kenshin 2-Part Sequel

Wow, so we have Misao, Okina, Soujiro and Aoshi for the The Great Kyoto Fire Arc and of course Shishio.

I’m just not happy though with casting Tatsuya Fujiwara as Shishio, like seriously?! He was a big disappointment as Light Yagami in “Death Note.” Kenichi Matsuyama’s L was totally all over him in that one. First thing, he’s supposed to be taller than Kenshin but I think he’s even shorter than Sato. He just doesn’t have “it” for the role. But we’ll see, I hope he doesn’t disappoint, despite the shortcomings. But still not happy.

I’m most excited about Soujiro. He’s one of the best villains in Rurouni Kenshin world. Flashes of that epic Kenshin-Soujiro fight in the anime comes back to me. He was really a tough one. I hope I’d see that in the movie.

Just super excited!!! 🙂

Kiwi Fruit Tea

Kiwi Fruit Tea

Zentea’s Kiwi Fruit Tea after lunch in this really annoying hot Tuesday afternoon. If it’s Kiwi, it’s Andy!!!

Is this even December or Manila seems to be lost in the season and is in April-June during summer…

This is not a Holiday feel. At least when it’s dawn, it’s a bit cold and at least back in my hometown, it’s winter season though without the snow.

And someone is about to get married or just got married at Richmonde Hotel near the office building. Getting married in the sweltering heat. Oh my, not a good sight. And then something came up to me… what it’s like to get married during winter in the outdoors with all the guests and couple wearing scarves, boots, beanies, gloves, turtle neck and all. That’s a beautiful picture to me.

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JGL in consideration to star in Sandman?

JGL in consideration to star in Sandman?

According to what I read from Screenrant:

The Sandman was authored by Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Coraline) and introduced readers to Morpheus, a.k.a. Dream: the personification of all dreams and stories, who spends 70 years trapped in magical confinement after a group of occultists capture him, having mistaken him for his sister, Death.

Dream and Death as character names. Totally interests me but graphic novel/comic book (with the only exception of Japanese mangas) is not my cup of tea so I won’t find myself looking it up to read it. The plot is interesting though, kinda reminds me too of “Inception” since the main character is trapped in a magical confinement, and in Inception the characters could be trapped in a dream or a dream within a dream (and so on until your mind is boggled completely you can’t think which is which already). Also reminds me of Joe Odagiri-Lee Na-young starrer “Dream” where Joe’s character dreams and LNY’s character enacts the dream.

However, I feel audiences might be a little hesitant to this. Although Inception was a big hit and amazing but this as it is described by Wikipedia as: horror-edged fantasy, very dark horror comic, elaborate fantasy series would make them a little unsure to see it.

I’m quite unsure about it being a very dark horror comic or horror-edged fantasy. But it incorporating classical, contemporary mythology, protagonist as a tragic hero is not so far from the Marvel comics universe story concepts. But when you say tragic hero, one iconic character comes to mind faster than Usain Bolt: the one and only God of Mischief LOKI.

The main character who controls dreams has sand powers. So does this mean he controls dreams using dust? I don’t know. He’s also described as “A man, young, pale and naked, imprisoned in a tiny cell, waiting until his captors passed away […] deathly thin, with long dark hair, and strange eyes.” Again, Loki keeps barging into my mind with this description minus the deathly thin, tiny cell and waiting for his captors thing. This is very Loki. And it’s not because I’m so crazy about Loki but it really is very Loki.

Daniel Radcliffe: From Harry Potter to Allen Ginsberg – BBC Culture

Daniel Radcliffe: From Harry Potter to Allen Ginsberg – BBC Culture

Daniel is doing it the best way possible. I don’t mean to compare but one thing that RPatz is not doing right is choosing better projects that will further exemplify his acting range in diverse materials and roles. 

It’s actually harder for Daniel because he started as a child star with the Harry Potter franchise and the transition from being a child star in a big budgeted blockbuster franchise to a respective adult actor is a difficult feat. To me, RPatz hasn’t really moved on from his Twilight fame. This is the big downside about being a virtual unknown and suddenly being thrown in a big budget franchise and then getting famous, and after the franchise that’s the only time he/she starts building a proper foundation to his career, that he’s more than just a shining vampire. (No offense meant to all RPatz and Twilight fans.) 

This is also why I’m really grateful that Tom has already built a sturdy career foundation even before his breakthrough Hollywood role as Loki in the Thor franchise. He’s already highly acclaimed and established in Europe. Critics wouldn’t raise an eyebrow to his talent/s. Good thing, Daniel is a wonderful actor and he’s doing it right. 

BBC’s Tom Brook asks him, “The films you’ve done have all been independent in a way. Do you think the studio (Hollywood) needs to embrace more original materials especially this year with the summer blockbusters? Creatively, Hollywood is pretty dead.” He answers, “Most of the really interesting scripts I’ve read since coming out of Potter have been from independent films.” 

Daniel also says, “It’s just about showing or willing to take risks and hopefully people give you opportunities.” 

Off topic. I find it pretty odd how he became square faced starting from the 4th Potter movie as compared to the first three. Still, he’s grown up as a handsome one.