Daniel Radcliffe: From Harry Potter to Allen Ginsberg – BBC Culture

Daniel Radcliffe: From Harry Potter to Allen Ginsberg – BBC Culture

Daniel is doing it the best way possible. I don’t mean to compare but one thing that RPatz is not doing right is choosing better projects that will further exemplify his acting range in diverse materials and roles. 

It’s actually harder for Daniel because he started as a child star with the Harry Potter franchise and the transition from being a child star in a big budgeted blockbuster franchise to a respective adult actor is a difficult feat. To me, RPatz hasn’t really moved on from his Twilight fame. This is the big downside about being a virtual unknown and suddenly being thrown in a big budget franchise and then getting famous, and after the franchise that’s the only time he/she starts building a proper foundation to his career, that he’s more than just a shining vampire. (No offense meant to all RPatz and Twilight fans.) 

This is also why I’m really grateful that Tom has already built a sturdy career foundation even before his breakthrough Hollywood role as Loki in the Thor franchise. He’s already highly acclaimed and established in Europe. Critics wouldn’t raise an eyebrow to his talent/s. Good thing, Daniel is a wonderful actor and he’s doing it right. 

BBC’s Tom Brook asks him, “The films you’ve done have all been independent in a way. Do you think the studio (Hollywood) needs to embrace more original materials especially this year with the summer blockbusters? Creatively, Hollywood is pretty dead.” He answers, “Most of the really interesting scripts I’ve read since coming out of Potter have been from independent films.” 

Daniel also says, “It’s just about showing or willing to take risks and hopefully people give you opportunities.” 

Off topic. I find it pretty odd how he became square faced starting from the 4th Potter movie as compared to the first three. Still, he’s grown up as a handsome one.


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