JGL in consideration to star in Sandman?

JGL in consideration to star in Sandman?

According to what I read from Screenrant:

The Sandman was authored by Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Coraline) and introduced readers to Morpheus, a.k.a. Dream: the personification of all dreams and stories, who spends 70 years trapped in magical confinement after a group of occultists capture him, having mistaken him for his sister, Death.

Dream and Death as character names. Totally interests me but graphic novel/comic book (with the only exception of Japanese mangas) is not my cup of tea so I won’t find myself looking it up to read it. The plot is interesting though, kinda reminds me too of “Inception” since the main character is trapped in a magical confinement, and in Inception the characters could be trapped in a dream or a dream within a dream (and so on until your mind is boggled completely you can’t think which is which already). Also reminds me of Joe Odagiri-Lee Na-young starrer “Dream” where Joe’s character dreams and LNY’s character enacts the dream.

However, I feel audiences might be a little hesitant to this. Although Inception was a big hit and amazing but this as it is described by Wikipedia as: horror-edged fantasy, very dark horror comic, elaborate fantasy series would make them a little unsure to see it.

I’m quite unsure about it being a very dark horror comic or horror-edged fantasy. But it incorporating classical, contemporary mythology, protagonist as a tragic hero is not so far from the Marvel comics universe story concepts. But when you say tragic hero, one iconic character comes to mind faster than Usain Bolt: the one and only God of Mischief LOKI.

The main character who controls dreams has sand powers. So does this mean he controls dreams using dust? I don’t know. He’s also described as “A man, young, pale and naked, imprisoned in a tiny cell, waiting until his captors passed away […] deathly thin, with long dark hair, and strange eyes.” Again, Loki keeps barging into my mind with this description minus the deathly thin, tiny cell and waiting for his captors thing. This is very Loki. And it’s not because I’m so crazy about Loki but it really is very Loki.


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