Kiwi Fruit Tea

Kiwi Fruit Tea

Zentea’s Kiwi Fruit Tea after lunch in this really annoying hot Tuesday afternoon. If it’s Kiwi, it’s Andy!!!

Is this even December or Manila seems to be lost in the season and is in April-June during summer…

This is not a Holiday feel. At least when it’s dawn, it’s a bit cold and at least back in my hometown, it’s winter season though without the snow.

And someone is about to get married or just got married at Richmonde Hotel near the office building. Getting married in the sweltering heat. Oh my, not a good sight. And then something came up to me… what it’s like to get married during winter in the outdoors with all the guests and couple wearing scarves, boots, beanies, gloves, turtle neck and all. That’s a beautiful picture to me.

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