The First-borns

It says here first-borns are: perfectionist, leader, responsible, highly motivated, strong need for approval from people in charge. In my case, all these are not true.

The eldest is the most difficult person to get along to. He likes to blame others but himself. Everyone is at fault but himself. Can’t cook rice without burning it even when he’s just downstairs, leaves food and rice rotting, washes dishes lazily and just leaves them near the sink, can’t flush properly, wastes food, doesn’t like repeated food, selfish, shouts at people whenever feels like it, impatient, leaves keys when going out, disorganized, unrespectful, no initiative, no care for others, bossy, takes things without permission, irresponsible, always first when it comes to food, he only buys this and that for himself but never for the house. And he never listens. He always has a defense for himself.

I can say more but I wouldn’t be done here if I do.

I don’t know if it’s got to do with him being the pampered one. He had a nanny to cook for him even when he’s already in high school, while the rest of us didn’t. We didn’t ask for it either.

Everything he does stresses other people. So, I just stay away as much as possible. We’re not lucky with our eldest, honestly speaking. My Mom didn’t raise him that way. He created the way he is now.

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