Christmas dinner treat with the editorial team

I’m posting my last minute blog post for the year and for the month.

It took me (9) months to finally be able to give a treat to the editorial team on Dec.19 with my editor (girl in black) and our senior and junior graphic and lay-out artists Kuya Oliver and Ate Jube. I treated them to one of my favorite Korean restaurants as they haven’t tried the authentic Korean cuisine yet. I’m glad to hear the day after that they enjoyed the meal despite feeling really heavy.

1478985_10151874957993348_1698133212_n 995237_10201143749131608_1680804038_n

I consider my work with them as one of the best blessings I’ve had this year. I love this work in all honesty, despite some shortcomings in terms of pay. I get to go to events and learn new things, I get to read a lot too. They’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with since I started working.

I’m not sure how long will I stay with the team and the company. I have plans this coming year and hope to really clinch it this time to further help my Mom and hopefully to start my dream masteral studies. In any case, it was a wonderful year to share with these good people who taught me some things and guided me in the company.

Happy New Year everyone!!! And I’m really thankful for God for this year and for the good people and experiences.

May everyone be blessed with a wonderful year ahead full with guidance and blessings from God. Full of laughs, smiles, good vibes, savings, more travel, humility,gratefullness, less stressors, good health and safety at all times.

As for me, I wish for myself the same things of laughs, smiles, positivity, of travel, savings, health, less stress, blessings, safety to me, my family and friends, new work environment overseas, and of course more Tom Hiddleston because he really makes me happy even though I haven’t seen him in person.


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