JESSICA ZAFRA | The Best Filipino Films of 2013: SANA DATI – Against Romance

JESSICA ZAFRA | The Best Filipino Films of 2013: SANA DATI – Against Romance

I really have to point out the reference of Anton Chekhov’s dramatic principle called “Chekhov’s gun,” wherein it requires every element in a narrative be necessary and irreplaceable.

The only reason why the name Chekhov rings a bell to me is Tom Hiddleston. One of his plays in 2008 opposite Kenneth Branagh is an adaptation of Chekhov’s Ivanov where he portrayed Eugene Lvov. I am seriously discovering so many new things through Tom. This has never happened before. Oh my God. I want to tell him how thankful I am of him.

Back to Ivanov, I would really want to see Ivanov but I don’t think there’s any way. They don’t release DVDs for plays. If only producers in London would consider this for foreigners who can’t go all the way to London to watch personally.

I bet Jerrold Tarog was also inspired by Anton Chekhov. Well if only anyone could make adaptations to Chekhov’s plays here and maybe Shakespeare too.

I watched this during its Cinemalaya run and was totally blown away. Never been so in love with a local movie before. Never seen such delicate attention to details and how they’re so important to the story. It kept me guessing. And love the fluid connection and transition of past and present.

In any case, I need a DVD for ‘Sana Dati.’ Pretty please.


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