Thoughts on 18 ways to make the best of your twenties

Thoughts on 18 ways to make the best of your twenties

This is nice but I have to make special mentions to these:

Coming out on no. 1 and 2 for me: Travel in your early twenties as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to take risks. [I’m so glad I did because having to go on my own overseas for the first time is a big risk. It was really fun though. It’s a nice big challenge to throw myself out there and find my ways as I explore the city for the first time as a tourist. And tackle language barriers, getting lost and finding my way. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of.]

3. Don’t stay at a job you hate. [ Enough said. I did twice, the other one was really pushing me. It was so unreasonable. They were really trying to pin me down so I would quit voluntarily. The other one was an all-out favoritism. Just couldn’t take it anymore.]

4. Learn to save money. [ I saved money and I spent my first ever savings to travel overseas. But I need more savings so I can travel more and save for the sake of saving. It’s a hard work indeed but when it’s there, it’s a super nice feeling to have accomplished it on my own, though sometimes with a bit of help. ]

5. Spend quality time with your friends that doesn’t involve going to a bar and texting other people. [ I saw some longtime high school friends just recently. I haven’t seen two of them for quite some time. It’s always nice to hang out with friends you grew up with because as Tom Hiddleston said, the friends that you grew up with are the friends who know you best. ]

6. Don’t worry about what others think of you. Act goofy and be embarrassing without shame. [ I don’t act goofy and I can’t really, but I’m a little weird. Some or most people think being quiet, having your own world is unfriendly, anti-social, lonely and boring. Some even think it’s is highly unsual when they see someone eating alone, quick to judge that person to be lonely and alone. I care not. I was once even called mute just because I don’t talk much just like what others do. This is probably the worst I’ve ever received from anyone. ]

7. Learn to embrace getting older and remember turning 30 is NOT the end of the world. [ Tom Hiddleston is one BIG inspiration to me about this. He’s so passionate and his outlook in things and anything are what makes him beautiful. I may be a little worried but I’m quite confident when it’s there, I won’t even care at all.]

8. Don’t waste time with getting into passive-aggressive fights, online or IRL. [ Ever since I got into the whole K-pop fandome, first with SS501’s Triple S, Shinhwa’s SHCJ, Tom Hiddleston’s Hiddlestoners; I never want to engage in any fandom online rumble just because this and that fandom wants to prove theirs are better than the other. And same goes with responsing to haters. Responding to them just feeds their ego and makes them feel good because they got your attention. ]

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