“You Came From The Stars” finale, is it similar to “Time Traveller’s Wife”?

“You Came From The Stars” finale, is it similar to “Time Traveller’s Wife”?

AM:TP final

Netizens say, “Those of you who read the book or watched the movie, “The Time Traveller’s Wife” understand that this is very similar right?”, “At least the final episode of “You Came From The Stars” doesn’t show Do Min-joon naked. I thoughtabout that movie while watching this.”


They actually expected to see Kim Soo-hyun naked!!! My God.

Ohhh, it does have that bit of similarity but still the slightest of similarity. Yeah, Do Min-joon can be considered a time traveller, he’s an alien and it’s his ability but he can control it. Eric Bana’s role in “Time Traveller’s Wife” doesn’t have any control with his time travelling. I saw the movie and was disappointed real bad. I haven’t read the book though, so I can’t vouch for that.

In another note, there hasn’t been any great Kdrama couples in recent dramas, something like Princess Hour’s Joo Ji-hoon/Yoon Eun-hye, My Girl’s Lee Dong-wook/Lee Da-hae, Lovers in Paris’ Park Shin-yang/Kim Jeung-un just to name some, until these two came along. So totally big ship for them.

[ Note. I spell “traveler” as “traveller” because it’s the correct spelling. ]


The birthday to have made me smile

I call him my gorgeous sunshine

I call him my gorgeous sunshine

I don’t really wake up that early on a Sunday, but I did on his birthday. Whose birthday am I talking about? It’s not a boyfriend because I’ve never had one. It’s not even a close friend from college or high school. It is the birthday of Tom Hiddleston who is miles away from me. I’ve never met him or even seen him in person, but I just know for some reason he’s a beautiful kind-hearted man – more than just being a celebrity.


Tom’s birthday cakes

It’s a common fangirl thing to be celebrating the birthday of your ‘biases.’ I do it most of the time, whenever one of my biases is celebrating his birthday. I seriously go out of my way to buy a cake for the birthday celebrant, though he won’t really see it anyway or even eat it.

Tom is no exception; he is now a certified bias.  His birthday has totally lifted my spirits from a week of big ruin that was directed at me. I just literally lost all enthusiasm to even go to work, after that big bad news on the first day of the week. And then 9th February, Sunday, t’was Tom’s birthday and for a day, I forgot what happened days before.

I was just simply excited to take a picture of the mini cakes and tweet it to him. And when I went online to check my mail, Facebook, that’s when I saw this fan video of him getting out of the Donmar Warehouse. He was pretty surprised to be welcomed by fans outside, saying happy birthday to him. He was totally smiling, it really made him happy. He said thank you and had this phone sign gesture while saying “I have to go” while still smiling as he got in the car.

That thought of him smiling when he was greeted by fans just made me really smile. It always leaves me in awe how he’s always so appreciative of the fans gesture of love to him. I can only wish I was there to greet him personally.

He’s been such a figure of happiness and inspiration to me, which is why I wanted to thank him, from Manila all the way to London. I actually spent something to send him a birthday package containing one of my favourite novels ever – Haruki Murakami’s “South of the Border, West of the Sun,” a pouch from Kultura, a letter, and some postcards sans the tea. He really loves tea so I really wanted to let him have a taste of a different kind of tea, but there’s a restriction to sending stuff like this.

My birthday package for Tom's birthday

My birthday package for Tom’s birthday

I don’t really spend this much when it comes to bias gifts. With the guys of Shinhwa, I usually just ask friends attending the Seoul concert to hand the gifts over, or I hand it over myself to the concert stop I’ll be going. However with Tom, there’s just no other way I can send him something other than to send it to his management in London.

I hope he finds the book enjoyable and the pouch useful every day. I hope the postcards have shown him a bit about the Philippines for him to consider having a vacation on his days off. And the letter, my three-page long letter, I hope I was able to convey my many thanks and hugs for his presence and the beautiful inspiration he sparks (although not personal presence) in my simple happy fangirl life.

And oh, here’s a little story at the office in reference to dear Tom’s birthday from my editor. (From len_armea @Instagram)

I gave the two cupcakes to my editor and to ate.

I gave the two cupcakes to my editor and to ate.

I just arrived when my editor was talking to someone on her phone, so I just left the cupcake on her table. She was a bit annoyed and when she sat down after the call, she saw the cupcake and asked who’s it from. I told her it’s from me. Knowing how thrifty I am, she asked for the reason. Ate (older sister) told her, “It’s because it’s Loki’s birthday.” My editor was like, “Seriously?” So I nodded. And she couldn’t help but laugh. See, Tom’s birthday is giving positive vibes not only to me but to others too. So thank you, bless you my gorgeous sunshine.

The Deep Blue Sea & Suite Francaise with The Invisible Woman


I finally have the books in my hands!!! Just last week, my fourth brother’s girlfriend arrived from Singapore for a brief vacation. All thanks to my brother’s girlfriend who bought the books for me at an online bookshop in Singapore. At least, I only have to pay these when her credit card’s due.

I arrived from work on a Wednesday, 29th of January, the first thing I saw on my table is Tom Hiddleston on the cover of “The Deep Blue Sea”, and my heart skip a beat. Just so happy.


First Official Image From ‘Suite Francaise’ Starring Michelle Williams & Matthias Schoenaerts (http://blogs.indiewire.com/)

These two gorgeous pieces are the latest books I’ve acquired for this year. Both authors, I mean the other one is a playwright, Terence Rattigan is a British playwright. I haven’t heard their names before to be honest. I know nothing about them. However, my professor of a brother told  me about Suite Francaise few months ago. He told me that it already has a movie in the works starring Michelle Williams, Kritin Scott-Thomas. It’s probably in post-production now, as according to Wiki, filming is done.

There wasn’t any trailer available yet as far as I know, but it quite striked an interest with me despite the wartime and Nazi occupation setting. This genre isn’t one of my favorites to read, but I just recently read Sally Gardner’s “The Red Necklace” (while listening to an audiobook narrated by none other than Tom Hiddleston) which is set during the French Revolution and I loved it.

Suite Francaise, the book is the title of a planned sequence of five novels by Irene Nemirovsky. She completed the first two of the series when she was arrested and detained as a Jew. Her daughters preserved the two novels and were published later in 2004 in a single volume – Suite Francaise. ( Wikipedia)

There are (3) novels: Storm in June, Dolce and Captivity. All novels are mainly about portraying life in France during the Nazi occupation. In the film, it centres on a romance between a French villager (Michelle Williams) and a German soldier (Matthias Schoenaerts). 


Movie stills ( http://bucketreviews.com/) Love this scene.

As for “The Deep Blue Sea,” I discovered this through the recent film adaptation starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston in the lead roles, for the centenary celebration of Terence Rattigan. I am so in love with the film. It is such a beautiful piece of art and ultimately amazing performances from both Rachel Weisz and Tommy. Tom’s role as Freddie Page is actually one of my favorite roles of his now. I can’t hate the guy, he’s not a total scoundrel. He has a heart and I know he also loves Hester (Rachel Weisz). And since I love the film so much, I decided I want to read the play. And luckily, Blue (brother’s girlfriend) found it online in Singapore. And now here it is. I’m in the process of reading it now and loving it.

Oh, “The Deep Blue Sea” is an adaptation of the 1952 Terence Rattigan play and a remake of the 1955 film of the same title about the wife of a judge who engages in an affair with a former RAF (Royal Air Force) pilot.


Another movie stills ( fanpop.com). Gosh, this is the most romantic dance scene ever. I love it to bits.

This is the first time I’m ever reading a play. It’s a bit strange for me, I feel I’m reading a film script with all the description of the character movements and set-up. If I had magic, I would have made it a novel. I still prefer it to be a novel because it’s longer and it’s all really up to a reader to imagine it while reading. Like turning the novel into a film in his/her mind. In any case, it’s still a fresh nice experience to read a play. There are actually things that differed in the book of the play and in the movie. I would be so chuffed to see it have a new play version in London’s West End, of course with the cast of the recent adaptation.


Poster from //www.impawards.com/

There’s also another book I’m still waiting. Blue has already ordered it but it’s a special order so it may take (3) weeks for her to collect it at Raffles. Crossing my fingers, we’ll get it. The title is Claire Tomalin’s “The Invisible Woman” about Charles Dickens and his affair to a young actress that he kept a secret until his passing. The film adaptation stars the great Ralph Fiennes as Dickens and Felicity Jones as Nelly Ternan, the young actress. I’m so intrigued with it so I want to read the book before the film. I’m not a big fan of Dickens actually and know not much about him but I love the trailer. I’m just animated about the book as I am on the film, I just have to have it.

Bong Joon-ho’s epic sci-fi Snowpiercer


I was lucky enough to attend a special advance screening of Bong Joon-ho’s most anticipated sci-fi “Snowpiercer” last week, 30th Jan at SM Megamall Cinema 6 with the E-team. Ate Jube who I work with at the editorial department knows someone from the organizer, so we didn’t need to have tickets.

It’s based on a French graphic novel, “Le Transperceneige ” by Jean-Marc Rochette,  Bong Joon-ho saw it at a comic book shop in Hongdae. He then showed it to fellow acclaimed director and friend Park Chan-wook and got him the screen rights for the film. 

I first heard about the movie last August in an article with Bong Joon-ho mentioning one of my ultimate Korean ‘bias’ Kang Dong-won. He said if he had a choice, he would pick Kang Dong-won to be Curtis (Chris Evans’ role). That’s when I first got interested because he seems to like my lovely Dong-won. But anyway, I’m not super familiar with Bong Joon-ho to be honest. I just know he’s one of the most respected veteran directors in Korean cinema. I’ve heard of his other films like “Mother” especially because Won Bin is in the movie and “Memories of Murder” as it was likened to “Voice of a Murderer” that Kang Dong-won starred in. And oh, this is Bong Joon-ho’s first English-language film.

I never really liked post-apocalyptic movies because they don’t have stories at all, nor of any value. The director got me highly interested in it. I just know that the remaining human survivors are living in a train called Snowpiercer that travels the world. It was actually good that I didn’t know much about it before seeing it. That way, I didn’t know what to expect. Turns out, the world is enveloped in a new ice age due to a failed experiment to stop global warming. But the twist is, there are societal divisions inside the train. The elite and rich ones are comfortably living at the front end of the train and the poor at the tail end in worst conditions and treatment.

It is told that there was a group from the tail end who onced tried to get out of the train –  the “Revolt of Seven.” Every time the train passes by Yekaterina bridge, people in the train see this sort of ice mirage of the members of “Revolt of Seven.” It is also an indication that a year has passed. During this moment in the film, Namgoong Minsu – gate opener (portrayed by the favorite Song Kang-ho and usual collaborator to Bong Joon-ho) sees a crashed plane submerged in ice but notices that he sees the tail end of the plane now than before. He concludes that this is a sign that the snow is melting and that they could finally try to come out of the train.

Now the revolution is focused on seizing control of the engine, as they think by doing so they can make the rich compromise. Curtis who leads the revolution is not the usual hero. He’s unsure of himself if he can really lead the group out of their dire situation. But Gilliam (John Hurt) gives him support that this is the right time to do it and that he’s the right person to lead them. Along with his second in command Edgar (Jamie Bell), they dared to test if the guards’ guns really have bullets. They believe that bullets have long been non-existent since they started living in the train, which turned out to be true. And in this revolution, they face Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton) and have to get through all the gates, without any idea what they’re about to face before reaching the engine room.

What I like best about the film is the intensity and the element of unforeseen events. You don’t know what to expect, it surprises you at every moment. Everytime Minsu opens a gate, I feel electrified and jumpy as to what I’m going to see, just like I’m in the movie with the characters. It totally amazed me when I saw this aquarium where the rich people store various kinds of fish and other food. It’s like Oceanpark inside a train. Then there’s this greenhouse, a sushi restaurant, a butcher’s place, a school for kids, a club, a pool, a spa house, dental and medical clinics. Wow, what a vision – Wilford’s vision. Well the train is actually an innovative idea of Wilford long before the experimental accident happened.

I can say no more about the perfect casting and wonderful performances from everyone. It just saddened me to see Edgar, Gilliam and Grey (Luke Pasqualino) getting killed protecting Curtis for this cause. Curtis along with Minsu and daughter Yona managed to reach the engine, finally meeting Wilford. He finds out that Gilliam and Wilford wanted Curtis to lead everyone in the train.

It ends in a cliffhanger leaving me with thoughts as to what actually happened to Curtis and Minsu and everyone else when the train crashed. Only Yona and Tanya’s son came out of the rubble. It leaves the audiences to make their creative imaginations work and continue the story.

But if there’s one huge lesson to me, it is about the worst nature of humanity. Even in utmost dire conditions, the rich still value their status more than anything else. Oppressing the poor to maintain such high stature, when in fact everyone of them are just lucky humans who survived. You began to ask yourself, are these the kind of people worthy of being given a chance to survive?

My thoughts: J.K. Rowling Says Hermione Should Have Ended Up With Harry Potter, Not Ron


This was the first thing I saw once I opened my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. A friend, ate Grace shared a news article from ABS-CBN news online with title, “Hermione should have married Harry Potter: Rowling.”

Ms. Rowling says in the article, “Am I breaking people’s hearts by saying this? I hope not.” She already did, a million times more to millions of fans. What do I think about it? As a huge fan of the book series and film franchise, it broke my heart completely, into small shredded pieces. As much as I love her for creating Harry Potter and being a large part of my growing up years, she still broke my heart.


Yes, you are Ms. Rowling. You are breaking people’s hearts with this revelation.

Here’s what Rowling said, in excerpts printed by British newspaper The Sunday Times:

“I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment,” she says. “That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron.”

She says the Ron – Hermione relationship is a form of wish fulfillment. She conceived the idea probably during the time she’s writing the first book. She’s already firm about what kind of character or person Ron, Hermione and Harry are. She’s definite with this and probably the reason why she made Hermione end up with Ron because she perfectly knows who Ron is and who Hermione is.

First thing, I think she didn’t want Ron to be left out in the corner. Being a Weasley, always being talked down by fellow full-bloods despite the fact that his family has good reputation in the wizarding world; minus the fact that they can’t seem to make ends meet. Still, the Weasley family has always been a great family.


Ron may have “The Boy Who Lived” Harry for a best friend but we all know, it has always cast some shadow on Ron being just the best friend and somewhat a sidekick. Harry is a best friend and a contender for Ron in almost all things. They do share similar worries and some insults and mistreatment from their classmates though. At the same time, Harry was never short of insults from their classmates too, that he has no parents and all.

From the start, I’ve always had the feeling that Hermione should be with Harry, although I was always aware of the fact that JK Rowling was slowly building-up the Ron-Hermione relationship. I got so disappointed when Ginny’s huge crush to Harry was being hinted that they’ll end up together, but I still had my hopes up then. I was delighted when Cho Chang came into the picture, but their relationship turned sour so disappointed again. That’s then, we all knew it’s going to be Ginny and when couldn’t do anything about it. There should have been a petition about Harry-Hermione, like seriously.


Honestly, there wasn’t even a development in the Harry – Ginny relationship as compared to Harry – Hermione. He knew she’s had a big crush on him since she met him but it never actually progressed into something romantic. It’s like, Rowling didn’t feel the need to show progression to the relationship because it’s just the way things are. I don’t have control over it; I’m not the writer but just saying. They just threw Ginny in the picture and that’s it. Same thing with Ron-Hermione, Ron’s had a big crush on Hermione for long but Hermione just didn’t have it for him. It’s like she just didn’t have a choice, like it was forced. Some say that she intended for Harry to end up with Ginny so he can be part of the Weasley family. But still, Harry and Hermione were genuine.


Hermione started as this know-it-all, temperamental little girl and slowly became one of Harry’s best friends. She was more there for Harry than Ron ever was. And along the way, this is where Hermione and Harry built feelings for each other – more than being best friends. It was there, everyone knows it. There was an obvious spark of attraction. While I do agree at one comment that Harry and Hermione had an intellectual relationship, I know there are feelings there, feelings of love. It just so happened that Ron got in the way, and Harry and Hermione had to push those feelings at the back of their hearts and consciousness, as they valued the friendship more.


The Harry- Hermione spark was so obvious. Rowling just noticed the obvious too late, just too late. While her initial intention was for Ron and Hermione to end up together, along the way, it was Harry and Hermione who really had genuine feelings for each other. This just happened as the story progressed and their friendship grew, unconsciously for Rowling she made the Harry and Hermione love angle without knowing it.


All these are my thoughts and opinions. I can’t hate J.K. Rowling if she has chosen to reveal this ‘mistake’ because she has all the right to say whatever she needs to say. I respect her as an author and will always love Harry Potter. I’m not just saying this because I ship Harry and Hermione a whole lot but because it is real. It was there. But no matter what happened, for me it was always Harry and Hermione.


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