After ‘Philomena’s’ Success, Real Philomena Lee Pushes for Adoption Rights

Awww. I love the trailer to Philomena. Didn’t know it was inspired by true events. It didn’t mention here though if she already found her son, hopefully she has.


Thanks in part to the success of Stephen Frears’ Oscar-nominated drama “Philomena,” the real Philomena Lee (whom Judi Dench portrayed onscreen) has found a platform to potentially initiate legislative action.

Lee visited elected officials, including Sen. Claire McCaskill and Sen. Chris Murphy, in Washington, D.C., on Thursday to discuss her new initiative to reunite Irish parents and their children separated by forced overseas adoptions. Lee spent almost five decades searching for her son, who was sold into adoption against her will by the Catholic Church. Her story inspired the Weinstein Company-distributed film, which was recently nominated for best picture at the Oscars.

Created by Lee, her daughter Jane Libberton and the Adoption Rights Alliance, the Philomena Project aims to prevent similar incidents by opening adoption records.

“I’ve been so moved by the support we’ve gotten, both for telling our story and for bringing attention to this horrible experience that so…

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