The birthday to have made me smile

I call him my gorgeous sunshine

I call him my gorgeous sunshine

I don’t really wake up that early on a Sunday, but I did on his birthday. Whose birthday am I talking about? It’s not a boyfriend because I’ve never had one. It’s not even a close friend from college or high school. It is the birthday of Tom Hiddleston who is miles away from me. I’ve never met him or even seen him in person, but I just know for some reason he’s a beautiful kind-hearted man – more than just being a celebrity.


Tom’s birthday cakes

It’s a common fangirl thing to be celebrating the birthday of your ‘biases.’ I do it most of the time, whenever one of my biases is celebrating his birthday. I seriously go out of my way to buy a cake for the birthday celebrant, though he won’t really see it anyway or even eat it.

Tom is no exception; he is now a certified bias.  His birthday has totally lifted my spirits from a week of big ruin that was directed at me. I just literally lost all enthusiasm to even go to work, after that big bad news on the first day of the week. And then 9th February, Sunday, t’was Tom’s birthday and for a day, I forgot what happened days before.

I was just simply excited to take a picture of the mini cakes and tweet it to him. And when I went online to check my mail, Facebook, that’s when I saw this fan video of him getting out of the Donmar Warehouse. He was pretty surprised to be welcomed by fans outside, saying happy birthday to him. He was totally smiling, it really made him happy. He said thank you and had this phone sign gesture while saying “I have to go” while still smiling as he got in the car.

That thought of him smiling when he was greeted by fans just made me really smile. It always leaves me in awe how he’s always so appreciative of the fans gesture of love to him. I can only wish I was there to greet him personally.

He’s been such a figure of happiness and inspiration to me, which is why I wanted to thank him, from Manila all the way to London. I actually spent something to send him a birthday package containing one of my favourite novels ever – Haruki Murakami’s “South of the Border, West of the Sun,” a pouch from Kultura, a letter, and some postcards sans the tea. He really loves tea so I really wanted to let him have a taste of a different kind of tea, but there’s a restriction to sending stuff like this.

My birthday package for Tom's birthday

My birthday package for Tom’s birthday

I don’t really spend this much when it comes to bias gifts. With the guys of Shinhwa, I usually just ask friends attending the Seoul concert to hand the gifts over, or I hand it over myself to the concert stop I’ll be going. However with Tom, there’s just no other way I can send him something other than to send it to his management in London.

I hope he finds the book enjoyable and the pouch useful every day. I hope the postcards have shown him a bit about the Philippines for him to consider having a vacation on his days off. And the letter, my three-page long letter, I hope I was able to convey my many thanks and hugs for his presence and the beautiful inspiration he sparks (although not personal presence) in my simple happy fangirl life.

And oh, here’s a little story at the office in reference to dear Tom’s birthday from my editor. (From len_armea @Instagram)

I gave the two cupcakes to my editor and to ate.

I gave the two cupcakes to my editor and to ate.

I just arrived when my editor was talking to someone on her phone, so I just left the cupcake on her table. She was a bit annoyed and when she sat down after the call, she saw the cupcake and asked who’s it from. I told her it’s from me. Knowing how thrifty I am, she asked for the reason. Ate (older sister) told her, “It’s because it’s Loki’s birthday.” My editor was like, “Seriously?” So I nodded. And she couldn’t help but laugh. See, Tom’s birthday is giving positive vibes not only to me but to others too. So thank you, bless you my gorgeous sunshine.


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