That precious F4 Pepsi poster


I had the sudden urge to clean the poster just now, wiped it with alcohol because it’s so dusty.  A little tattered on the edges now, but still a precious piece of growing up.

I remember getting this poster from a 7-eleven branch that used to be near my place. That time, I didn’t know how to avail of such so I asked the shop attendant how I can get the poster.

It was covered partly for quite awhile with a corkboard. And when I looked at it awhile ago, I decided to ditch the corkboard that has gone so useless, dusty and to make way for the poster to shine again. ^^


Hoi An and Caramel Macchiato


I was at Makati two weeks ago for an appointment, it was a Thursday, February 27.  I don’t even remember the last time or the most recent one I had Starbucks, and because I didn’t want to go home yet and be stuck in heavy traffic jam as it was already rush hour, I decided to spend some time at Starbucks People Support Bldg. in Ayala.  I didn’t go to work just to attend this said appointment. That’s when I discovered this new beverage of Starbucks, there’s actually two: Caramel Macchiato and Hazelnut Macchiato. I decided to go with a cold Caramel Macchiato. I don’t usually order cold coffee but it just so happened that I was so thirsty.

I always enjoy reading magazines everytime I’m at any Starbucks, and that’s not so often. I always prefer to read the travel magazines, because I don’t have the luxury to buy them or even subscribe on a monthly basis. And when I do, I always get like two or three magazines to read, and the next thing I know, one or two hours have passed already. I forgot to bring along “The Deep Blue Sea” that day, I probably would have finished the book already if I brought it with me.

It was a beautiful day. Coffee and travel magazines.  It just simply never fails to make a day great.


And the day was made even better, I was reading the October-November issue of Travelife magazine and saw this article titled “Dreams of Hoi An” by the editor herself. I don’t really read everything on the magazine, I just choose the ones that interest me; and this particular one really did. I immediately saw the quoted sentence beside a picture, “Make a wish, light the candle and let the lantern float down the river, “said a wizened old lady wearing a traditional comical hat. “Then it will certainly come true.” And I was just simply wowed with this simple yet powerful message from the lady from Hoi An.  She held up a pink a paper lantern to my face, and looked at me with a hopeful toothless smile. 

I find the picture of the lady really beautiful. It somehow speaks to me in ways I cannot fully explain. The way the lanterns she’s holding are glowing, her background with a boat and how she looks at the camera; everything just feels and looks like a bright sense of hope and peace to me. It’s just majestic. It striked me with the notion that the lady is someone of great wisdom, tranquility, hope, great experience, hard work, patience, simplicity, passion, dedication, love, and wonderful appreciation of the beauty of life. I feel like I wanna meet her.

I was definitely enamored with the place already, thanks to the lady in the picture. I just want to see this place, a place I have no idea whatsoever before reading this article. I feel like I want to see it much more than I want to see Hanoi. Definitely now one of my “must-see” list.


And in the article it said, Hoi An is one of the loveliest towns in Vietnam and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. My God, a UNESCO Heritage Site, I really have to see this beautiful place.

It used to be a trading port, and according to Wiki, it is an example of a well-preserved South-East Asian trading port from the 15th – 19th century. It’s a very unique heritage site clearly displaying a rich combination of both foreign and native influences in almost every corner. The article also mentioned just some of the must-see places in Hoi An, including the famed Japanese covered bridge, Museum of Say Huynh Culture, Hoi An Handicraft Workshop, sail on a swan boat and Quan Cong Temple.

And yes, one of the highlights of the article too was when the writer went to this shop and saw this painting. It was a painting of a Vietnamese lady on her back, seemingly in deep thought. There wasn’t a picture of the painting included in the article, but somehow I can imagine it in my head. The painter even offered the writer of this article a discounted price, this beautiful piece that he worked hard for in three days.

That authentic Kdrama shower scene appreciation


A Korean drama is no Korean drama without a shower scene, sometimes even series of shower scenes. And You Came From The Stars must have it too, not just one but two on Ep. 1 and 2. This is what I’ve seen so far, as I’m currently on Ep. 12. I remember Eric has one too in Que Sera Sera. It’s like one of those things that Kdrama can never be without.

I was watching a Chinese channel this Saturday and they were featuring the drama, and then out of the blue they showed this image of Kim Soo-hyun with ripped abs. I think it was from The Thieves. I didn’t even know he had abs until this drama. Then they were showing scenes from Full House, Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, City Hunter, then back to You Came From The Stars. I didn’t understand a thing, but I was simply giddy when I saw it being featured on the channel. Crazy as I am.

As described by an article below from Soompi: “I’m also glad that Min Joon likes brooding in the shower. He’s already had two shower scenes and I’m hoping this becomes a normal occurrence!”


Yeah he surely loves brooding in the shower. I noticed, he usually has his brooding scenes in the shower or at the greenhouse.

On another note, I definitely love the design of his shower room. I just love everything about Do Min-joon’s place.

Feeling great with Hazelnut Macchiato


Yesterday, that feeling of sipping Starbucks’ new beverage – Hazelnut Macchiato, and only paying P30 for it, because I received a promo code last Thursday is just pure awesome. P30 for a venti Hazelnut Macchiato, I didn’t even felt the need to buy food because venti is more than enough for me.

This and while reading a newspaper and almost finishing “The Deep Blue Sea.”

You Came From The Stars – Ep. 9 Fave Moments

I love this drama so much, I cannot help but blog about it and these favorite scenes in every episode. I’m only on episode 9, I’m pretty slow because I choose to be and I don’t want to finish it the soonest.


Favorite scene 1: The episode started with Do Min-joon lecturing about an experiment explaining the importance of skinship. He tells his students, “You must never be deceived. You must differentiate between your heart beating and falling in love.” That it’s just the playful games of skinship and trickery of hormones. “You must not be taken in by this.”

It’s a scientific explanation, and he has a point. It is after all true. However, he himself is swayed by his heart abnormally beating fast. Not because he couldn’t differentiate the mere beating of his heart, but because he already has feelings for her. Awwwww. Kilig!

It looks to me like a contest to whose heart beats the fastest. That’s dangerous.

vlcsnap-2014-03-08-03h43m33s230 vlcsnap-2014-03-07-02h07m11s204 vlcsnap-2014-03-07-02h08m02s206 vlcsnap-2014-03-07-02h08m17s103

Favorite scene 3: Palpitation is supposed to be worrisome but not this. This is the only palpitation that causes great amount of “kilig.” Hilarious as ever when it peaks at 300, what in the world Do Min-joon, calm your heart please.

At first, I thought it was probably his initial reaction to the kiss because he’s not used to it something like that. But when I checked the other episodes, he collapsed again after doing it. Song-yi is a lump of virus.


Favorite scene 3: That hilarious moment when they’re having a heated discussion, then Song-yi tells him to get out. Oh because Song-yi is a forgetful superstar. She forgot she wasn’t at her own place. I cannot get over at how she runs hurriedly after realizing it out of embarassment. Then comes back a little later.



Favorite scene 4: Oh I have to add this too. The aftershock of the kiss.  And just everytime when Song-yi talks to him in English, pure adorable.


I love Do Min-joon’s place so much. I want the same place. I always love scenes here in his greenhouse. Purely majestic. I can imagine myself lying there watching the stars while reading a book.


Favorite scene 5: That moment when Song-yi is really trying her best to catch Min-joon off guard. She wants him to tell her that he likes her too. I’m used to male main characters in Kdramas who are good looking, rich, stubborn, snobbish, rude, and arrogant. Do Min-joon is no different but if there’s one thing, he’s the only male character who’s so hard to get or playing hard to get to the female lead character. Although, yes of course, I do know that he’s just doing that because he knows he has to leave. He knows by letting her know of his true feelings and identity, he will eventually hurt her, just as much as he will be hurt to leave her behind.

vlcsnap-2014-03-08-04h24m18s99 vlcsnap-2014-03-08-04h24m57s201

Favorite scene 6: And last but not the least, the confrontation with Jae-kyung. I find Shin Sung-rok a very effective antagonist. I think I’ve seen him from another drama, can’t just remember though. He has that face of someone who will do anything for himself in the most cruel ways. Well that’s good acting for you.

You Came From The Stars Ep. 1 – Realization


When he saved little girl Song-yi from getting hit by a truck.

After finishing You Came From The Stars Ep. 1 on Friday before going home, I realized Do Min-joon is a toned down, simpler, more human version of Superman, and oh a Korean version too by the way.

Koreans have comics too but I’m just not too familiar with them, however, I don’t think they have superhero kinds you know. Something like Marvel or DC comics that are mainly on superheroes. Theirs can be somehow likened to topics on Japanese mangas I guess.

He’s no superhero, no blue and red cape, and he doesn’t fly (Oh wait, I have yet to find out if he does fly). But Superman is considered an alien too and Do Min-joon also has the same super senses (although not laser vision), agility powers, foreseeing the future, telekinetic and teleportation abilities, and freezing time. Superman cannot: freeze time, teleport, foresee the future; and non-telekinetic though. On the other hand, Do Min-joon doesn’t necessarily have the super strength that Superman has.

Anyway, this particular scene (above photo) simply stunned me. I was already impressed during the first scene, when he walked into the scene and stopped the carriage from falling. It’s bravo!

At this early in the drama, I am seriously shipping Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun already. I’ve liked Jun Ji-hyun since My Sassy Girl days.  And although I may not like Kim Soo-hyun the way I like Jun Ji-hyun or Kang Dong-won for instance, but I do know him and so far haven’t heard something negative about him; and I am aware that he’s great at what he does – he’s a wonderful actor as far as I know.

They already have a top place in my prestigious all time best Kdrama/Kmovie couple list, alongside Goong’s Joo Ji-hoon – Yoon Eun-hye, Lovers in Paris’ Park Shin-yang – Kim Jeung-eun, My Girl’s Lee Dong-wook – Lee Da-hae, Love for Sale’s Kang Dong-won – Song Hye-kyo, That Winter The Wind Blows’ Jo In-sung – Song Hye-kyo, Memories in Bali’s Jo In-sung- Ha Ji-won, Duelist’s Kang Dong-won – Ha Ji-won; just to name some.


Their first encounter. This is one of my favorites too from Ep. 1

Jun Ji-hyun’s Chun Song-yi on the other hand, kinda reminds me of her unnamed character in My Sassy Girl. Spunky, wild, strong -willed girl who says whatever she wants to say, and someone who loves genuinely. I think only difference is Song-yi is a bonehead. And she’s more hilarious here than I have ever seen her before.


When the elevator opened – last scene on Ep. 1

I love this scene too. It’s when the elevator opened while Do Min-joon is thinking of that girl 12 years ago and 400 years ago, that if there is a reason, he will see her again. And right in the moment, the elevator opened to reveal Chun Song-yi and then Lyn’s epic “My Destiny” starts to play. They’re so good in scenes like this. I am in love.