You Came From The Stars Ep. 1 – Realization


When he saved little girl Song-yi from getting hit by a truck.

After finishing You Came From The Stars Ep. 1 on Friday before going home, I realized Do Min-joon is a toned down, simpler, more human version of Superman, and oh a Korean version too by the way.

Koreans have comics too but I’m just not too familiar with them, however, I don’t think they have superhero kinds you know. Something like Marvel or DC comics that are mainly on superheroes. Theirs can be somehow likened to topics on Japanese mangas I guess.

He’s no superhero, no blue and red cape, and he doesn’t fly (Oh wait, I have yet to find out if he does fly). But Superman is considered an alien too and Do Min-joon also has the same super senses (although not laser vision), agility powers, foreseeing the future, telekinetic and teleportation abilities, and freezing time. Superman cannot: freeze time, teleport, foresee the future; and non-telekinetic though. On the other hand, Do Min-joon doesn’t necessarily have the super strength that Superman has.

Anyway, this particular scene (above photo) simply stunned me. I was already impressed during the first scene, when he walked into the scene and stopped the carriage from falling. It’s bravo!

At this early in the drama, I am seriously shipping Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun already. I’ve liked Jun Ji-hyun since My Sassy Girl days.  And although I may not like Kim Soo-hyun the way I like Jun Ji-hyun or Kang Dong-won for instance, but I do know him and so far haven’t heard something negative about him; and I am aware that he’s great at what he does – he’s a wonderful actor as far as I know.

They already have a top place in my prestigious all time best Kdrama/Kmovie couple list, alongside Goong’s Joo Ji-hoon – Yoon Eun-hye, Lovers in Paris’ Park Shin-yang – Kim Jeung-eun, My Girl’s Lee Dong-wook – Lee Da-hae, Love for Sale’s Kang Dong-won – Song Hye-kyo, That Winter The Wind Blows’ Jo In-sung – Song Hye-kyo, Memories in Bali’s Jo In-sung- Ha Ji-won, Duelist’s Kang Dong-won – Ha Ji-won; just to name some.


Their first encounter. This is one of my favorites too from Ep. 1

Jun Ji-hyun’s Chun Song-yi on the other hand, kinda reminds me of her unnamed character in My Sassy Girl. Spunky, wild, strong -willed girl who says whatever she wants to say, and someone who loves genuinely. I think only difference is Song-yi is a bonehead. And she’s more hilarious here than I have ever seen her before.


When the elevator opened – last scene on Ep. 1

I love this scene too. It’s when the elevator opened while Do Min-joon is thinking of that girl 12 years ago and 400 years ago, that if there is a reason, he will see her again. And right in the moment, the elevator opened to reveal Chun Song-yi and then Lyn’s epic “My Destiny” starts to play. They’re so good in scenes like this. I am in love.


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