That authentic Kdrama shower scene appreciation


A Korean drama is no Korean drama without a shower scene, sometimes even series of shower scenes. And You Came From The Stars must have it too, not just one but two on Ep. 1 and 2. This is what I’ve seen so far, as I’m currently on Ep. 12. I remember Eric has one too in Que Sera Sera. It’s like one of those things that Kdrama can never be without.

I was watching a Chinese channel this Saturday and they were featuring the drama, and then out of the blue they showed this image of Kim Soo-hyun with ripped abs. I think it was from The Thieves. I didn’t even know he had abs until this drama. Then they were showing scenes from Full House, Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, City Hunter, then back to You Came From The Stars. I didn’t understand a thing, but I was simply giddy when I saw it being featured on the channel. Crazy as I am.

As described by an article below from Soompi: “I’m also glad that Min Joon likes brooding in the shower. He’s already had two shower scenes and I’m hoping this becomes a normal occurrence!”


Yeah he surely loves brooding in the shower. I noticed, he usually has his brooding scenes in the shower or at the greenhouse.

On another note, I definitely love the design of his shower room. I just love everything about Do Min-joon’s place.


2 thoughts on “That authentic Kdrama shower scene appreciation

  1. Yeah, you are so right with the towel. Haha! But since his shower room is surrounded by glass, they just have to put the towel there, because there’s no wall to cover the thing/s we could have seen. I was actually surprised, I wasn’t expecting this. I didn’t even know he had abs.

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