There’s no buddy like a middle brother

오빠 – 동생 quote. ( Oppa – Dongsaeng) 

Oppa is the Korean word used by a younger sister to address an older brother. 

Dongsaeng is the Korean word used by an older sister/brother to a younger sibling. 

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I seem to be talking a lot at home whenever my middle brother is at home, which is not very often. As for the talking, it’s because I don’t have anyone else to talk to when he’s not around but myself. And because I share the same interests with him in most things, I can talk to him about these.

The ‘kwentuhan’ (chatting or dicussing) started with the movie “About Time” then it went to how pale and how ginger Domhnall Gleeson (Tim in the movie) is; to what “something rectangular” means from one of Tim’s dialogues; then it was The Legal Wife as I had my TV tuned to the program; up to Giordano’s Korean superstar endorsers So Ji-sub and Shin Min-ah and Jang Dong-gun as well as former Giordano model; Wes Anderson’s movies; Divergent’s Shailene Woodley; and how The Fault in Our Stars is a bit too predictable and teenybopper; Meteor Garden, Princess Hours, Lovers in Paris; how Dakota Fanning now have more competition in the presence of Saoirse Ronan, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld; the new horror Oculus; to the two Pinay runner ups’ at Asia’s Next Top Model; to Paulo Avelino; Kathryn Bernardo; Pangako Sa’yo; and the now married Keira Knightley, Carrie Mulligan and Sienna Miller who happen to be friends; Jude Law; James McAvoy; Tilda Swinton; Eddie Redmayne; Rinko Kikuchi; Felicity Jones, Robert Pattinson; the upcoming movie Crimson Peak, Snowpiercer; Mia Wasikowska; Daniel Radcliffe; Jessica Chastain; the upcoming Cinderella movie; Ethan Hawke; Alfonso Cuaron; and Juno Temple – the curly and bad cousin from Atonement who looks so different now.


Hotel King Ep. 1 – The Reception


Lee Dong-wook as Cha Jae-wan, the hotel manager.   Damn, I effin love the poster. It’s creatively beautiful.

Done with Ep. 1 and what the heck I’m impressed! It starts off really straight, with a strong tension that will keep you thinking. Lee Dong-wook is a whole lot more cold, as in extremely cold and menacing here from his Seol Gong-chan from My Girl. LDW is simply remarkable from the very start.  

I remember it was from the drama My Girl that I met Lee Dong-wook, and boy was I immediately captivated with his really handsome face. The snobbish and cold Seol Gong-chan became his trademark role for me. And because of that drama, he became one of the very first Korean actors that I really like. And yes of course, that’s where I got to know Lee Da-hae too. I remember too, Seol Gong-chan (LDW) in My Girl is the heir to this big hotel, but other than this Seol Gong-chan and Cha Jae-wan are way too different when it comes to their personalities and background. 

A huge reason for me watching this drama is Lee Dong-wook. Second big reason is it’s the reunion project of Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae as I really, really like them in My Girl. The LDW-LDH pairing is one of my most favorite pairings. They’re on top of my elite and best Kdrama couple list. And My Girl is one of my ultimate most favorite Korean dramas ever.  Naturally, I got really excited when I heard about this; as you know it’s a bit unusual in Kdrama or Kmovie land for actors who starred together years ago and work with each other again. I’m just so thrilled to see them together again for a new drama, and I’m just perfectly happy to see how they’ve become such close friends since My Girl. 

My Girl cast. Always one of my ultimate favorite Korean dramas ever.

My Girl cast. Always one of my ultimate favorite Korean dramas ever.

Well back to the drama, it is said that Cha Jae-wan (Lee Dong-wook) and Ah Moh-ne (Lee Da-hae) are siblings. Hmm… But I’m keeping my tabs on this, I’m sure there will be something. It’s pretty interesting that they are introduced in the drama as siblings but I see many are reacting on this. Of course, My Girl fans would definitely not want them to be purely siblings in the drama.

On a side note, I somehow feel like LDH’s Ah Moh-ne is annoying. Like seriously. She was so lovable as Joo Yoo-rin in My Girl, but here – she’s definitely annoying. I can already feel it from this episode. I noticed how she was so much prettier back to My Girl days.

Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae in My Girl

Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae in My Girl

Lee Da-hae was asked from the press con if her character is similar to Jun Ji-hyun’s Chun Song-yi from You Came From The Stars. She answered that Ah Moh-ne and Chun Song-yi are different, and that her character’s clumsiness and bubbly attitude are just for a show and not who she really is. 

She is right actually.  Ah Moh-ne is no Chun Song-yi. Song-yi is never pretending. She always likes to be true to herself and to others. When she’s angry, she’s angry. When she’s sad, she cries. When she’s desperate, she’s really desperate. When she likes you, she really tells you she likes you. Ah Moh-ne just like how she is described in the story is the Korean Paris Hilton, so think Paris Hilton and that’s how she is.

The cast of MBC’s new weekend drama Hotel King

I’d like to highlight too how I just love the first appearance of Kim Hae-soo as the senior manager. She’s sassy and domineering. 

For Seulong, I don’t know how important his character is going to be in the story yet. However, I’m a bit confused as to what really is his character. The acting is a bit off to be honest. I’m not sure if he’s this immature and overly emotional hotel staff, or if it’s simply the acting problem. 

I’m also curious as to what is Wang Ji-hye’s role in the story. How is she going to be related to Cha Jae-wan or Ah Moh-ne or the rest of the cast?

I’m also seeing a lot of familiar faces from the supporting cast. From the chairman, vice chairman, even to the hotel staff with Seulong, and the other high-ranking hotel staff with Lee Dong-wook during a car scene. 


Superman and Do Min-joon

Do Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) from You Came From The Stars

Do Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) from You Came From The Stars

Christopher Reeve in Superman IV

Christopher Reeve in Superman IV

Brandon Routh in Superman Returns

Brandon Routh in Superman Returns

I’ve been watching too much Superman today on HBO. I have no idea if it’s a special day for Superman that’s why there’s a marathon.

I turned the TV on about past 3PM and it’s Superman III with Christopher Reeve, then it was followed by Superman IV, then the most recent before Henry Cavill’s version Superman Returns with Brandon Routh. And all the time, I just can’t help but think about Do Min-joon, especially when Clark becomes Superman and flashes those superpowers.

The screenwriter for You Came From The Stars really patterned Do Min-joon to Superman’s character. She just added or took out some factors so that he’s still authentically Do Min-joon. An example is that Do Min-joon is no superhero, so he doesn’t need a red and blue costume. He doesn’t need an alter ego like Clark Kent. He doesn’t want to help. Doesn’t want to get involved. Unless of course, it involves his dear Chun Song-yi. And his weakness is not a Kryptonite but Chun Song-yi. His planet is not called Krypton and he has no known family. Unlike Superman, he’s been on Earth for hundred years. He’s less compassionate about the Earth people. And he feels that people are not to be trusted.

But oh Do Min-joon rocks the glasses too like Clark Kent!