Rude by Magic!


My brother Jonson and I discovered this band tonight while watching MTV International Top 20. We happen to see this group during the middle of the song and holy it’s at No. 2 just next to Coldplay’s Magic. 

At first look, I knew their vocalist isn’t full Canadian. He’s actually of Palestinian Christian, that’s why his eyes look different.

Ironically, their name is Magic. Wiki says they’re a Canadian group and this song “Rude” has already reached top 10 in Australia, NZ and their native Canada, and also charted in the US.

The song is described as reggae fusion song set in common time with 72 beats per minute tempo. I only understand reggae though, I’m not sure what common time means.

This song just makes you feel good. It’s super groovy. I love the beat. It makes anyone dance. I adore the lyrics too.

Here’s a lyric video version of the song. Too cute!


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