The Japanese solo birthday dinner

Not many people who are non-family greet me on my birthday but I never really cared. I forgot my mom’s birthday recently and I just forgot mine last year, but I’m not exactly the forgetful type. Aside from my mom, there are only two friends who always remember: one who I’ve known since primary and was my classmate both primary and high school and one from college. And yes another new addition, a friend who I’ve known for about five years but have yet to see her in person; she’s living in California. I am always grateful for these three whom I can say I trust the most among my friends. And last but not the least, my 4th brother who’s in Singapore who suddenly remembered my birthday few days after but that’s okay.

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I woke up on Wednesday 16 July and found three messages of greetings. And also found out the whole street was having a power outage due to typhoon Glenda, which means there’s nothing else to do as there’s no telly and no Internet. My high school friend who lives in front of my parent’s place told me that early in the morning about 6am or 7am, the plastic roof of their mini garage was taken away by the strong wind but they were able to get it back into place.  I didn’t see the flying tree twigs and small branches as I got up a little later than that.

I was up the night before until about 4:30am as I was repeatedly listening to ONE OK ROCK’s single “Mighty Long Fall” – main song for Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno that was posted on Tumblr, but supposedly to be officially released on the 30th this month. There wasn’t any strong winds yet during those hours, other than the quite strong pour of rain that got me worried if I should take the washing machine inside. Eventually, I only took in the laundry basins and my clothes that were still not dry. I felt relieved though the next day to find out that the washing machine was safe and that there was no flooding. It’s better to have a power outage than flooding.

So I couldn’t do anything else without any power. I couldn’t read because it was still so gloomy outside and I felt like I’d only hurt my eyes in doing so. I was supposed to go somewhere to deliver something but eventually opted not to. The weather was calm already so I decided to go out. Great thing, SM San Lazaro – the nearest mall was open when almost every establishment was close due to the typhoon.

At the very least, the only thing I could do for myself was a Japanese solo dinner of Miso Ramen and Tuna Sashimi for another year of the always reserved & no make-up face; solo geek; bookish and blogging nerd; the OC; the quiet fish and tofu dork; the mall wanderer; the loud music; everything Japanese, Korean and European; the non-provocative, non-expressive, non-political, non-feminine, non-perfectionist; the NBSB; the accustomed to occasional insults & rejections; the badminton and table tennis love; the struggling; the independent; the thrifty; the no-jeans; no one’s favorite; dream powers of invisibility, teleportation, time control and travel; dreaming of violin playing; Murakami & Harry Potter; coffee & fruit tea; Winter & Spring admiration; Lucban food; green salads; never wanting to be a “basically” and many, many more. 



I am thankful for the weird, the good, the bad, the okay, the rainy, the sunny, and for everyday.

And thank you Karate Kid for the sumptuous meal and because you were open that day.


Like Father, Like Son at the 2014 Eiga Sai



I had (5) shortlisted films from this year’s Eiga Sai line-up: Homeland; Like Father, Like Son; A Story of Yonosuke; Until the Break of Dawn; and Wolf Children. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the other 4 films just because it’s so hard to be lining up again and again after each screening. At the very least, I was able to see Like Father, Like Son which is one of those (5) films I really wanted to see. Still, I feel bad on not seeing Kenichi Matsuyama in Homeland.

There are about 14 films included in the line-up but it wasn’t possible for me to see every film. I narrowed down the films according to their synopsis and trailers. The synopsis and trailer should be interesting enough, for me to have it on my shortlist.

Prior to seeing the film, I recall my third brother mentioning to me a Japanese film about a family whose son got switched at birth, and when I saw the trailer to this I immediately thought this could be the film he was talking about.   It’s wonderful enough that I was able to see last year’s Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize winner in cinemas for free this July 13th, Sunday .

What got me interested to this film aside from my brother’s recommendation is that it’s centered from a father’s perspective. It’s not very often that I get to see a “sublimely moving” (Variety) story about what it truly means to be a father. It’s very common to see films taking on stories about motherly love, thoughts, perspectives, ideals, genuine heart and affection to her children, but not so much about a father’s take on his role not just the head of his family but more importantly on paternal love and expression.

It tackles the story of a successful father who faces a crossroad for the first time, and starts to question himself if he was ever really a father or if he ever will be. The biggest decision he will ever make between choosing “nurture or nature.” 

My own dad is the usual kind of father that I know of, someone like Ryota. My dad is Chinese and like Ryota who is Japanese, I’ve always thought that a father with these nationalities are very traditional and strict with their ways. Someone who’s strict inside and outside, someone who’s decision you can never bend, someone who looks like all man and no emotions at all, someone who likes things to be in order and proper, someone who wants an answer right away when asking, someone who wants his children to take after him, someone who’s the pure authority. I wasn’t close to my dad as I was often afraid of him and thus I make it a point to avoid making mistakes even the most trivial ones.

It’s common that I often see a mother being more close to her children than a father. I guess it’s the innate motherly care and nature that a woman has that makes her the softer person or the more understanding parent. But with Like Father, Like Son; we see the unknown side of a father. The side that people don’t often see, also because a father  doesn’t want to show it. With the film, I came to realize that a father has his emotional side too. That’s it’s not just a mother who is going through a lot, a father has to go some rough patches too at some point of his life as a parent.

Like Father, Like Son to me is great testament to what fatherhood should really be or really mean. That being a father is defined not only by how great a provider and achiever he is to his family to give them a good life, education and future; but also on being a father who also supports his family emotionally and spiritually and most importantly being human.

One defining moment for me in the film, Ryota was looking at the pictures of Ryusei (his real son) on his camera when he saw the many photos of him taken by Keita (the son he raised) without him knowing and then he cried. I cried with him. That part was a crucial one for him that made him realize one important thing.



Attack on Titan: Impression

Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

Miura Haruma in Ceci Magazine '13

Miura Haruma on Ceci Magazine ’13

This is really something. Impressive trailer.

I heard about the anime about two years ago or last year, not sure but it’s pretty new and it’s going to have a live action adaptation already – that’s a feat.

According to Wiki, the manga only started Sept. 2009, that was just a little over 4 years so still pretty new, compared to other mangas’ that started in the 90s even 80s that’s only getting live action adaptations now. So the anime is really, really new just started April last year, two anime films are in the works and live action adaptation next year.

In any case, I’m excited to see Haruma portray the role of Eren. From this trailer, I think the character will give him a really good stretch acting wise.

Should I start watching this to have a background before I see Haruma in the role in cinemas or through downloads…

With the upcoming release of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (part 2) and The Legend Ends (part 3), I hope SM Cinemas would also consider Lupin starring Oguri Shun and of course Attack on Titan when they’re released to have exclusive screenings at SM Cinemas. Crossing my fingers.