Quite a long walk home

Quite a long walk home today in wet, mucky, and sticky roads due to the heavy rain earlier this afternoon. At least I was listening to Angel Eyes OST to keep me from being bored as I walk one block after the other until I finally get a ride.

I specially like this part of the lyrics of Blue Bird by Jo Jung-hee.


Kim Ji-suk and Goo Hye-sun, two of the main cast of Angel Eyes

Where do you go
when you’re lonely
Tell me
What you do
when you feel so blue like me

When I feel like that
I think your eyes
and your smile
And suddenly, the sunshine
appears close to me

Not surprisingly though, I wasn’t even sweating. Well that’s because it rained and it was already 12am. I managed to get home at 1am, as if I went to somewhere so far that it took me that long to get home.

Before I decided to go home, I had to keep myself busy with having kumquat tea while reading Invisible Woman on its chapter 15. When I finished the chapter, I started looking at the brochure I got from a tech shop as I was canvassing prices for a microSD. I couldn’t stay any longer after more than an hour at Dakasi because I really had to take a restroom break. It was still raining a bit hard when I checked outside, so I went to have ramyun as dinner. And then the mall closes.

As I got out of the mall, I heard the guard saying there’s floodwater along Espana Road and that kept me from going home. I stayed at a convenience store for an hour, I sipped coffee and continued with chapter 16. I was at the brink of deciding whether I’d go on and finish until chapter 18 or start heading home. Eventually, I decided with heading home and found lots of people waiting for a ride home. There’s no more floodwater but the next dilemma is getting a ride home when every passing jeepney or bus is full.

So I started walking and turned on my iPod to listen to the very beautiful Angel Eyes OST.

photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

If only I’m walking on a pavement as beautiful as the photo. Then walking in the rain wouldn’t be that bad.


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