38th MIBF: My last day, last hour visit



My last day, last hour visit at the 38th Manila International Book Fair. #MIBF2017

I didn’t even go early or at least during the afternoon. I decided to just drop by and spend at least an hour to take a look. I wasn’t really intending to buy anything unless I see those that I like or something interesting.

I wasn’t really in a hurry to beat the 8pm closing so I wasn’t really minding the time. It was already 8:30pm and I’m still at the Fully Booked area and there’s still a lot of people so I took my own sweet time looking at every shelf. I eventually finished and decided to pay at 9pm and finally thought I should get myself some food.


Not a fan of Precious Pages books but those two standee of anime guys caught my eyes.


Rocco Nacino, Joross Gamboa, Luis Alandy, Marco Alcaraz, Precious Quigaman, and Richard Quan at the stage area on Sunday. 




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