Blade Runner anime short: Black Out

I just saw Blade Runner anime short – Blade Runner: Black Out, and it makes me feel like I wanna watch a full series of anime Blade Runner. Can we get an animated version of Ryan Gosling, director Shinichiro Watanabe?

From live action to anime / From anime to live action

It’s ironic how an original live action film/series, when it becomes an anime version; most often, the anime version enhances the original, or at par with the original and at times, even better than the original.

Blade Runner: Black Out is an original anime short though, but it’s still based on an original live action film, and serves as the prequel and bridge between the original 1982 film and the new Blade Runner that’s out starting next Friday.

However, this is not the case when it’s the other way around — when anime is the one being turned into live action version, such as the awful case of Netflix’ Death Note and Ghost in the Shell. Then there’s also the ever escalating dread to the newly-announced Hollywood remake of 2016’s biggest hit, that is Makoto Shinkai’s Kimi no Na wa (Your Name). And more of that dread is expected to spread like wildfire up to when Paramount with JJ Abrams on the helm, finally reveals a teaser of the live action remake.


Rurouni Kenshin 2-Part Sequel

Rurouni Kenshin 2-Part Sequel

Wow, so we have Misao, Okina, Soujiro and Aoshi for the The Great Kyoto Fire Arc and of course Shishio.

I’m just not happy though with casting Tatsuya Fujiwara as Shishio, like seriously?! He was a big disappointment as Light Yagami in “Death Note.” Kenichi Matsuyama’s L was totally all over him in that one. First thing, he’s supposed to be taller than Kenshin but I think he’s even shorter than Sato. He just doesn’t have “it” for the role. But we’ll see, I hope he doesn’t disappoint, despite the shortcomings. But still not happy.

I’m most excited about Soujiro. He’s one of the best villains in Rurouni Kenshin world. Flashes of that epic Kenshin-Soujiro fight in the anime comes back to me. He was really a tough one. I hope I’d see that in the movie.

Just super excited!!! 🙂

Rurouni Kenshin: The Second Time


It was a race against time earlier. Luckily I was able to get to the Digital Theater Cinema 10 just in time for the 4:40 screening.  Being the Rurouni Kenshin big fan that I am, I went to see the movie again earlier at SM City North Edsa again on my own :)))

I’m still very much in awe even watching it for the second time. I felt like I didn’t wanna leave anymore. I was the last person to leave the cinema and when I went to the restroom, people started coming in already for the next showtime. So I was tempted to go back, no one would notice anyway if I went back and just choose another seat. Haha! I was torn between staying and leaving, but then I had to leave because I needed to attend the anticipated mass.

I only watch a movie twice if it’s so special to me. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 and Suddenly It’s Magic are the other two movies I watched twice.

I just had to see the movie especially Sato Takeru in action at the big screen as Himura Kenshin again before the MMFF starts :)) It really takes away my worries even for just 2 hours 10mins. That totally great feeling of not thinking of so many things, of anything else and just be fully immersed in the movie.